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What are the details of FRP cooling equipment that need attention? -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-19
Before using the Lingyan cooling tower, the debris and sludge of the management system should be cleaned to prevent blockage. When using the Lingyan cooling equipment, it is necessary to know whether the electrical facilities in all aspects are normal, such as whether the motor shell is live, and whether the junction box is tightly closed. , The fan runs without abnormal noise. When starting a cooling tower, the fan should start first and then pump the water. When the unit stops, the pump should be stopped first and then the fan should be turned off. This reduces the amount of current the motor starts to carry a heavy load and tries to take care of the motor. When checking and repairing the fan, Special personnel should be responsible for operating the power switch to prevent personal accidents. The fan motor does not need a long time, so we should take good care of it. If it is found that the speed of the distributor is not fast, it should be repaired and debugged as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, it should be controlled at 9-15 rpm, and the office pressure should be 1.5 kg. If the nozzle needs to be checked regularly, please check whether the nozzle is blocked. This facility should be controlled by a special People to manage. There must be management system, operating procedures, regular protection, regular cleaning to avoid blockage and affect cooling effect. If you find this situation, you should stop immediately to check and troubleshoot. Make sure the cooling equipment is in good condition . Replacing or repairing gears, slowing down the machine for a month, and changing lubes and oils is easier. Check whether the float valve assembly is installed and whether the operation is normal. To check all the screws and screw covers, they should be fastened, lean on them, and cannot be loosened. Calibration of the watermark position: the basin and water pipe at the bottom of the storage tower are filled with water until the running The watermark is the installation surface of the inlet bracket on the chassis. After the operation is completed, the floating ball valve combination locks the watermark position in the pulling position.
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