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What are the disadvantages and uses of box annealing furnace equipment? -Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-27
What are the disadvantages and uses of box annealing furnace equipment? Many people do not know much about this equipment. If it is said that you are not studying this major, or are engaged in this industry, it is normal that you do not understand. Kehua has professional knowledge in annealing furnace equipment. Today, I will introduce some knowledge about annealing furnace equipment. 1. Disadvantages of box-type annealing furnace equipment The disadvantage of box-type annealing furnaces is that because the stacking height can only be limited to 1600-1800 mm, it is often impossible to add a convection device to the coil when stacking. Therefore, the heat conducted through the edge of the strip is only a small part, but most of the heat is conducted from coil to coil, and heating is correspondingly hindered. Annealing furnace equipment 2. Uses of annealing furnace equipment The furnace lining adopts a full fiber structure, which saves about 60% of energy compared with the brick furnace. It uses high-quality long fiber thorn blankets as raw materials, and uses special equipment to make various specifications according to the furnace body, and leave some space in the processing process. A certain amount of compression ensures that after the modules are built, each ceramic fiber block expands in different directions, so that the modules are extruded into a whole without gaps, so as to achieve a good heat storage effect. It can be directly fixed on the stainless steel anchor round nail of the steel plate of the furnace shell. Compared with other products, the advantages are low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent corrosion performance, excellent thermal stability, thermal shock resistance and thermal insulation, and the anchors are arranged on the cold surface of the furnace body, which improves the high temperature resistance of the fiber. Heating element: It adopts advanced hanging structure with high radiation efficiency, which strengthens the heat exchange in the furnace, improves the thermal efficiency of the furnace, and prolongs the service life of the electric heating element. The resistance band is processed into a waveform structure by a special mold (0Cr25Al5 material), and is hung in groups on the furnace wall fixing parts (ceramic screw), which is very convenient for installation and maintenance, and has a long service life. The furnace door device is composed of a furnace door, a furnace door moving mechanism and a furnace door pressing device. The furnace door shell is welded by section steel and plate to form a solid frame structure, and the interior is laminated with refractory fiber pressing modules, which requires good thermal insulation performance and light weight. Annealing furnace equipment The moving device of the furnace door adopts an electric device, which is mainly composed of a furnace door frame, a reducer, a sprocket, a transmission shaft and a bearing. The furnace door moving reducer is also equipped with a braking device, which can effectively prevent the furnace door from shifting during the moving process. The furnace door pressing device adopts the hand wheel type pressing structure. The pressing device of this structure makes no friction between the fiber plane on the furnace door and the furnace mouth cotton, and has the characteristics of good safety performance and long use mission. The side plate and the bottom plate are welded with Q235 steel plate, the structure is firm and reliable, not easy to deform and warp, and the overall strength is good. The furnace door lining is also a full fiber structure. The furnace door is opened sideways. There is a circuit breaker on the furnace door. When the furnace door is opened, the power supply of the heating element is cut off to ensure the safety of the operator. The furnace door is equipped with an adjustable sealing mechanism, which effectively seals the furnace door. There is a thermocouple hole on the top of the furnace. When in use, the thermocouple is inserted into the furnace to control the working temperature of the furnace through the electric furnace control cabinet. This concludes Kehua's introduction to the annealing furnace equipment today, I hope everyone can learn it. If you don't have a good friend, don't be nervous, you can consult relevant books to enrich your knowledge.
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