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What are the functions of the heating furnace for heat treatment

by:Kehua     2022-07-28
There are many building materials or parts in vehicles in daily life. These metal parts are inseparable from the heating furnace for heat treatment. What is the function of the heating furnace for heat treatment? The heating furnace is to heat some metal parts, The high temperature then dissolves the metal, and the part is made after the mold is used to shape it. The continuous heating furnace is the most commonly used furnace for heating steel in the rolling workshop. Generally, the temperature of the billet is about 900-1350℃, and the temperature of the heat treatment is about 700-1150℃. In the continuous heating furnace, the work of the furnace is continuous, the billet is loaded from the furnace tail with a lower furnace temperature, and moves to the furnace head with a higher furnace temperature at a certain speed under mechanical action, in the opposite direction to the hot gas in the furnace. However, when the billet is heated to the temperature required by the process, it is continuously discharged from the furnace. In the case of stable operation, the furnace gas flows from the furnace head to the furnace tail along the length of the furnace, and the furnace temperature and Kehua furnace gas temperature gradually decrease along the flow direction, but the temperature of each point in the furnace basically does not change with time, and the heat transfer in the furnace It can be approximated as steady state heat transfer, and the heat transfer inside the metal belongs to unstable state heat conduction. Heating furnace for heat treatment Function of heating furnace: Heating furnace is a device for heating materials or workpieces. According to the heat source, there are fuel heating furnaces, resistance heating furnaces, induction heating furnaces, microwave heating furnaces, etc. Applications in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, heat treatment, surface treatment, building materials, electronics, materials, light industry, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many other industries. In the metallurgical industry, heating furnaces are used to refer to industrial furnaces that heat metals to the forging temperature, including continuous heating furnaces and chamber heating furnaces. The heating furnace for metal heat treatment is also called heat treatment furnace. A furnace that heats an ingot or makes the temperature inside the ingot uniform before blooming is called a soaking furnace. In a broad sense, heating furnaces also include soaking furnaces and heat treatment furnaces. Heating furnace for heat treatment What are the heating methods: Kehua continuous heating furnace usually uses gas fuel, heavy oil or pulverized coal, and some burn lump coal. In order to effectively utilize the heat of exhaust gas, a heat exchanger for preheating air and gas, or a waste heat boiler is installed in the flue. In forging and rolling production, billets are generally heated in an oxidizing atmosphere with a complete combustion flame. Using an incomplete combustion reducing flame (ie 'self-protective atmosphere') to directly heat the metal can achieve the purpose of no oxidation or less oxidation. This heating method is called open flame or open flame non-oxidative heating, and is successfully used in rotary hearth furnaces and chamber furnaces. The heating furnace method for heat treatment is also explained to everyone. I believe that everyone has understood the working principle of the heating furnace. The production of many of our metal parts is inseparable from these processing equipment.
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