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What are the heat treatment methods for No. 45 steel? What are the mechanical properties of No. 45 steel?

by:Kehua     2022-07-21
Today, there are many hot rolled steels on the market, and 45 steel is one of them. No. 45 steel is also known as oil steel, so what are the heat treatment methods for No. 45 steel? What are the mechanical properties of No. 45 steel? Let Kehua Induction Heating Equipment introduce it to you in detail! 1. Heat treatment of No. 45 steel (1) Recommended heat treatment Temperature: normalizing 850, quenching 840, tempering 600. No. 45 steel is high-quality carbon structural steel, with low hardness and easy machining. It is often used in molds as templates, stubs, guide posts, etc., but requires heat treatment. 1. No. 45 steel is qualified if its hardness is greater than HRC55 (up to HRC62) after quenching and before tempering. The highest hardness in practical application is HRC55 (high frequency quenching HRC58). No. 2.45 steel should not adopt the heat treatment process of carburizing and quenching. The quenched and tempered parts have good comprehensive mechanical properties and are widely used in motorcycles and automobiles, especially those connecting rods, bolts, gears and shafts that work under alternating loads, which have to withstand huge friction during work. force, usually by quenching to improve its own hardness, wear resistance and service life. Heat treatment of No. 45 steel (2) The surface treatment process of No. 45 steel is mainly based on rust prevention, which can be divided into two types. 2. Permanent rust prevention: electroplating or oxidation, painting, organic coating, sacrificial anode method, structural improvement method, adding corrosion-resistant elements, etc. Which method to use depends on the actual situation. Consider the process conditions before and after rust removal and rust prevention, production status, equipment conditions, costs and other factors. If blackening treatment is required, it is recommended to use manganese-based phosphating solution for phosphating treatment. The treated samples have sufficient blackness and can improve corrosion resistance! No. 45 steel heat treatment No. 2, No. 45 steel mechanical properties Normalizing: 850 ; Quenching: 840; Tempering: 600; Tensile strength: not less than 600Mpa; Yield strength: not less than 355Mpa; Elongation: 16%; Shrinkage: 40%; Impact energy: 39J; Greater than unheated steel: 229HBS; annealed steel: 197HBS What are the heat treatment methods of No. 45 steel brought by Guangzhou Youzao? What are the mechanical properties of No. 45 steel? I hope it will help you! If you need to buy No. 45 steel, then Let's find Kehua Induction Heating Equipment!
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