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What are the heating equipment? how it works

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
What are the heating equipment? Many friends don’t know this problem, what are the technical characteristics? What is the working principle of the heating equipment? How much do you know about these? knowledge of. What are the heating equipment? What is the working principle of the heating equipment? A primary coil with more turns and a secondary coil with fewer turns are mounted on the same iron core. The input to output voltage ratio is equal to the ratio of the turns of the coil, while the energy remains the same. Therefore, the secondary coil generates a large current under low voltage conditions. For induction heaters, the bearing is a short-circuited, single-turn secondary coil that passes large currents at lower AC voltages, thereby generating large amounts of heat. The heater itself and the yoke are kept at room temperature. What are the technical characteristics? 1. High power, small size and fast heating. 2. Adopt intelligent control mode, high temperature control precision, and can be networked with computer. 3. Wide application range, long life and high reliability. What are the heating equipment? What are the heating equipment? Food industry: There is a saying called 'people take food as the skyThe food industry is one of the important industries supporting my country's economic development. It is the food industry that can use the microwave performance of microwave heating equipment to perform corresponding processing work on food, such as puffing, drying technology, and preservation. Medicinal material industry: Microwave heating equipment has the function of insecticidal and sterilization, which can quickly and effectively kill the bacteria on the medicine when processing medicines, and will not be affected by the thickness or different shapes of the medicinal materials during processing. In the treatment of cancer, the thermal effect of microwaves can be used for related microwave physical therapy and cooperative therapy. Microwave technology can make microwave scalpels used in medicine. When the scalpel is designed, the operation speed is fast and the amount of bleeding is small, which can quickly stop the bleeding. Chemical industry: It can be used to detect elements, and it can play a great role in the surface treatment of metals or non-metals. It will not be affected by other factors during processing, and can start processing the product. There is no need to add auxiliary agents during processing, which can reduce the pollution to the environment. Seeing this, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of all the content of heating equipment. Thank you for your reading and support. If you like this article, you can share it with your friends. Interested friends can also pay attention to the Kehua website.
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