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What are the installation steps of high frequency heating machine accessories? What is a high frequency heating machine

by:Kehua     2022-07-23
Speaking of high-frequency heating machine, I believe that many friends have never heard of it. So, what is a high-frequency heating machine? What is the working principle? What are the precautions? What are the installation steps of the high-frequency heating machine accessories? These, you How much do you know, then let Kehua's editor tell you about it. High frequency heating machine accessories What is high frequency heating machine High frequency heating machine, also known as high frequency machine, high frequency induction heating equipment, high frequency induction heating device, high frequency heating power supply, high frequency power supply, high frequency electric furnace. High-frequency welding machine, high-frequency induction heating machine, high-frequency induction heater (welder), etc., in addition to medium frequency induction heating equipment, ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment, etc. Wide range of applications such as metal heat treatment brazing melting. What is the working principle? As a result, a strong magnetic beam with an instantaneous change in polarity is generated in the coil. When a heated object such as a metal is placed in the coil, the magnetic beam will penetrate the entire heated object, and in the opposite direction of the heating current inside the heated object, it will generate Correspondingly large eddy currents. Due to the existence of resistance in the heated object, a lot of Joule heat will be generated, and the temperature of the object itself will rise rapidly. To achieve the purpose of heating all metal materials. High-frequency heating machine accessories What are the precautions 1. The heating machine room should be well ventilated and kept clean, tidy and dry. The equipment must have more than two people to start the operation, and designate the person in charge of the operation. Operators should be familiar with and abide by the operating procedures of the heating equipment, and wear the prescribed protective equipment. The workpiece should be removed from burrs, iron filings and grease, otherwise it is easy to cause arcing. During operation, it is necessary to prevent the workpiece from contacting the sensor to cause arcing. When using high-frequency quenching machine tools, attention should be paid to the safe operation rules of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic transmission. The equipment needs to be repaired by a special person. Before repairing, discharge the capacitors with a discharge rod. It is strictly forbidden to carry out emergency repairs with electricity. 2. In order to prevent the large workpiece from bursting and hurting people during high induction heating, the operation rules of high frequency heat treatment and the corresponding heat treatment process rules for large workpieces must be strictly followed. Ultrasonic flaw detection should be carried out on large workpieces one by one. For workpieces with defects such as white spots, serious segregation and looseness, it is forbidden to use high-frequency equipment to heat them. The workpiece should be free of burrs, iron filings and oil to prevent arcing. In the production operation, the person in charge must be designated, and the operator must be familiar with and abide by the operating procedures of the high-frequency heating equipment. 3. When using it, you must abide by the rules of safe electricity use. What are the installation steps of high-frequency heating machine accessories? 1. Place the main and auxiliary machines: Generally, the main machine (operation control machine) is on the top, and the auxiliary machine (power output machine) is placed on the bottom. 2. Connect the water and electricity of the main and auxiliary machines: Use the two thin water pipes in the accessories to connect the waterway in a straight up and straight down way. Then use the two cables in the attachment, red to red and black to black to connect the circuit. It must be tightened, and there should be no poor contact. Connect the ground wire of the main and auxiliary machines. 3. Power connection: This machine is a three-phase power supply mode (380V), and the three red wires are respectively connected to a dedicated three-phase switch or air switch (above 65A). Reconnect the ground wire. 4. Water connection: The cooling water pressure used by this machine is 0.1Mpa-0.3Mpa (about 1-3 kg). Please choose a 370W single-phase (220V) water pump and a water tank or pool (choose the volume according to the continuous working time and workload, and install a small cooling tower if necessary). The water outlet of the pump is connected with the water inlet of the machine with a water pipe, and the water outlet of the machine returns the return water to the pool with a water pipe to realize water circulation cooling. 5. Install the induction coil: According to the shape and size of the heated metal workpiece, select, install and fix the induction coil. 6. Put the workpiece: Put the workpiece to be heated into the center of the induction coil, the surrounding gap should be basically the same, and the workpiece and the induction coil cannot touch. Note that the induction coil cannot have a short circuit. Through the introduction of the above content, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of all the contents of the high-frequency heating machine accessories. 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