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What are the main configurations and performances of CNC dual-axis induction hardening machine tools

by:Kehua     2022-07-29
Do you have any friends who have graduated from the major of mold and die? Because the content to be explained today may be easier to understand for friends who read the major of mold and die. Next, the professionals from Kehua will explain to us about CNC dual-axis induction hardening machine tools knowledge. CNC dual-axis induction hardening machine tool CNC dual-axis induction hardening machine tool CNC dual-axis induction hardening machine tool is the use of induction heating heating power supply, instantaneous heating and intelligent control of numerical control system, to achieve the surface and local, organizational changes of the requirements, heat treatment process. CNC dual-axis induction quenching machine tool, one of the series of heat treatment quenching equipment, performs induction heating and liquid spray quenching induction heating treatment for various small and medium-sized parts such as shafts, gears, and flanges. Equipped with corresponding auxiliary tools, the parts can also be spin-hardened. It has the advantages of energy saving, high precision, good reliability, time saving and labor saving. The humanized design structure is composed of the fuselage, the sliding table, the clamping and rotating mechanism, the cooling system, the quenching liquid circulation system, the electric control and the air control system. Conventional quenching machine tools are single-station (double-station and multi-station can be used when special-shaped parts are encountered). There are two types of quenching machine tools in terms of structure: vertical and horizontal. For special parts or processes, you can design and customize special quenching machine tools according to requirements. Main configuration and performance of CNC dual-axis induction hardening machine tool 1. Humanized design is adopted. 2. High-strength welding bed. 3. Stainless steel anti-rust and anti-corrosion (pneumatic/manual, double/single) spring top. 4. Adjustable turns ratio HKM series energy-saving quenching transformer (patent of our company). 5. Fully imported ball screw. 6. Cooling water pressure, flow, temperature protection; quenching fluid flow, temperature monitoring. CNC double-axis induction hardening machine tool 7. Rotary operation box. 8. Electric adjustment of workpiece clamping length. 9. Sound/light fault alarm. 10. The waterway adopts quick-connect joints. 11. Machine tool structure: welding/casting. 12. Rotation control mode: inverter/stepper motor/AC servo motor. 13. Electric control mode: PLC/touch screen+PLC/808D/828D/840D. 14. Transformer sliding table adjustment: manual adjustment/automatic adjustment; when receiving adjustment, the front handwheel is convenient for adjustment. 15. Workpiece moving motor mode: deceleration motor/stepper motor/AC servo motor. 16. Workpiece moving guide way: inlaid steel guide/rectangular linear guide. 17. Number of stations: 1-3. 18. According to different workpieces and user needs, it can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading devices, such as: truss manipulators, robots, etc. 19. It can be equipped with a process parameter monitoring system, which has the functions of recording, querying and printing process parameters. The above is the knowledge about CNC dual-axis induction hardening machine tools explained to us by Kehua professionals. This is a very rare opportunity, allowing us to understand CNC dual-axis induction hardening machine tools so thoroughly.
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