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What are the main features of CNC quenching machine tools? What are the device types?

by:Kehua     2022-07-29
CNC quenching machine tool is a kind of large-scale mechanical equipment, which consists of many parts. What are the main features of CNC quenching machine tools? What are the types of equipment? Next, let's take a look at Kehua's detailed introduction! 1. The main engine of the quenching machine tool is composed of a bed, a double-layer precision worktable, and an upper top seat to adjust the sliding mechanism , Upper top assembly, table movement and transmission system, spindle rotation and transmission system, parts rotation and upper top adjustment mechanism, breeding balance, cover frame, electrical numerical control parts, etc. 1. Bed part: The machine tool adopts a welded bed structure, and the whole is subjected to stress relief annealing. The surface of the main exposed parts is specially treated and has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties. 2. Upper center adjustment mechanism: The upper center adjustment adopts electric adjustment, which can realize the clamping of workpieces of different lengths. 3. Worktable system: The stepper motor is used to drive the ball screw through the speed change mechanism to realize the lifting motion of the upper worktable. The moving speed is steplessly adjustable, the transmission is light, the guiding precision is high, and the positioning is accurate. 4. Spindle rotation system: the asynchronous motor drives the spindle to rotate through the speed change mechanism and the transmission shaft. The frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted to realize the stepless regulation of the parts speed. 5. Cover frame: The cover frame is made of thick steel plate. Well-made, beautiful in appearance and generous in color. The upper part of the cover frame is provided with a glass window and a sliding door, which not only prevents cooling water from splashing out, but also facilitates loading and unloading parts and monitoring the quenching process. 6. Electrical control part: The electrical control part is composed of numerical control system, variable frequency speed governor (as shown in the figure below), intermediate relays, etc. Power input: 3-phase, 380V, 1.5Kw; it can store more than 20 kinds of parts for quenching process, Various programs can be programmed and stored through the numerical control keyboard. The machine tool is equipped with functions such as power loss protection and offside protection, which has high safety and reliability. CNC quenching machine tool 2. Main features 1. Using numerical control technology, it has quenching functions such as connection, simultaneous, segmented connection, and segmented at the same time. 2. It is used for induction hardening of shafts, discs, pins, gears and other parts. 3. An integrated quenching liquid circulating cooling system can be configured. 4. The profile structure body is adopted, with a high degree of automation. CNC quenching machine tool 3. Equipment type 1. External quenching series: perform overall or partial quenching on the external surface of various shafts, rods, tubes and circular parts (such as bearings, valves, etc.). 2. Inner circle quenching series: It can quench the inner circle of all kinds of pipes and mechanical parts as a whole or partially, such as cylinder liners, shaft sleeves, etc. 3. End face and plane quenching series: perform overall or partial quenching on the end face and plane parts of mechanical parts. 4. Special-shaped parts quenching series: perform overall or partial quenching on a certain surface of special-shaped parts. 5. Extra-large parts quenching series: perform overall or partial quenching for large and heavy-weight parts, such as marine gears, dam sluice rails, large oil pipelines, etc. The above is the relevant information of the CNC quenching machine tool brought by Kehua, I hope to provide you with some help! After reading it, I believe everyone knows what parts of the CNC quenching machine tool are made up! For such large-scale mechanical equipment, everyone also Don't worry, as long as you master its operation method, there will be no accidents during use.
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