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What are the performance characteristics of high frequency forging furnace? What are the advantages?

by:Kehua     2022-07-21
What are the performance characteristics of high-frequency forging furnaces? What are the unique advantages of high-frequency induction heating forging furnaces? Many friends may not know! The understanding of high-frequency forging furnaces will go further. 1. Working principle of high-frequency forging furnace The principle of induction heating is: the workpiece is placed in the inductor, and the inductor is generally a hollow copper tube inputting intermediate frequency or high frequency alternating current (1000-300000Hz or higher). The alternating magnetic field generates an induced current of the same frequency in the workpiece. The distribution of this induced current in the workpiece is uneven, it is strong on the surface, but very weak in the interior, and it is close to 0 in the center. This skin effect is used. , the surface of the workpiece can be heated rapidly, and the surface temperature rises to 800-1000 degrees in a few seconds, while the core temperature rises very little. High frequency forging furnace 2. Performance characteristics of high frequency induction heating forging furnace The oxide layer is too thick. 2. Energy saving, three-quarters of energy saving compared to the original high-frequency electronic tube machine, gas, gas stove, electric stove, etc. 3. The high-frequency induction heating forging furnace is small in size, light in weight, does not occupy too much production space, and can move the working position at any time to facilitate production needs. 4. The heating position can be freely controlled, and it will not generate too much heat for the position that does not need heating, which meets the heat treatment requirements of special work (such as: gear, sprocket tooth surface quenching, local heat treatment of bars.) 5. Simple operation , that is, learning will be learned. There is no open flame, no high temperature, and high voltage (the working voltage of the induction coil is 36V) when working, which has good safety. High-frequency forging furnace 3. Unique advantages of high-frequency induction heating forging furnace 1. High heating temperature and non-contact heating; 2. Fast heating speed - less oxide layer on the surface of the heated workpiece, small deformation of the workpiece; 3. Easy temperature Control - stable product quality; 4. High heating efficiency - energy saving; 5. It can heat a variety of workpieces and has a wide range of applications; 6. It can quickly heat secondary deformed workpieces at any time to meet process requirements. 7. High-frequency induction heating forging furnace can be heated locally - good product quality and energy saving; 8. Simple and easy to operate and realize automatic control - labor saving and labor saving; 9. Environmental protection effect and good environment - almost no heat, noise, dust, etc. ; 10. Less work area - high production efficiency. What are the performance characteristics of the high-frequency forging furnace? What are the advantages of the high-frequency forging furnace? Now, no one does not understand it? The working principle of the high-frequency forging furnace has been told to everyone, and I hope you will keep it firmly in mind. If you want to buy a high frequency forging furnace, then Kehua is a good choice.
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