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What are the precautions for heating furnace ovens to make your operation safer

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
Heating furnaces and ovens are widely used equipment in the metallurgical industry. So, what are the precautions for operating the heating furnace? If you want to avoid unnecessary accidents during the operation, it is very necessary to be familiar with the relevant precautions. Heating furnace oven 1. Heating furnace oven Kehua pointed out that in the metallurgical industry, a heating furnace is a device (industrial furnace) that heats materials or workpieces (usually metals) to rolling to forging temperatures. Heating furnaces are used in many industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, heat treatment, surface treatment, building materials, electronics, materials, light industry, daily chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. 2. Oven Heating equipment during the heating and drying process of the coating film, or drying room. Different types of ovens have different structures and heating methods. According to its shape and structure, it can be divided into box type (oven), chamber type (drying room), pass-through type (also divided into straight-through type and bridge type). Box type and chamber type are suitable for single piece or small batch production. The pass-through type is suitable for large-scale production line production. The coated object is placed on the conveyor and passes through the tunnel-type drying chamber at a certain speed. Heating furnace oven 3. What are the precautions for hot rolling heating furnace? Kehua reminds friends that when operating gas facilities, you must strictly abide by the 'Gas Safety Regulations for Industrial Enterprises' and relevant regulations; a warning line should be set up within 50m around the heating furnace, and Send special personnel to take care of them, no open flames (such as smoking, spot welding, gas welding, etc.) are allowed in the cordon; when working in the gas area, do not rest or sleep in the gas area; non-operators are prohibited from tampering with the gas valve and any equipment in the heating area , facilities, it is strictly forbidden to collide or hit the gas equipment; the oven should follow the unified deployment and arrangement, and the oven operator should carry a hand-held CO alarm. When the gas concentration exceeds 200ppm, the reason should be found, and the stay time should not exceed 10 When operating the valve, you should stand in the leeward direction, and one person should operate one person to monitor to prevent accidents; when the blast furnace gas oven burner oven is baked, the opening degree of all air control valves should be controlled at 10~20%, and the induced draft fan control valve should be opened. The degree of ignition should be controlled at 10~20%; if the burner of the blast furnace gas oven fails to ignite once, the ignition operation should be stopped, and it is strictly forbidden to stop the induced draft fan, and the ignition can be continued after waiting for ten minutes; Switching, if the switching is unsuccessful once, the switching work should be stopped. It is strictly forbidden to stop the induced draft fan. Wait for 30 minutes before continuing to switch the blast furnace gas; when switching the blast furnace gas, all furnace doors should be opened. On the windward, the face should not face the peephole and furnace door, and should leave a certain safe distance. The distance between the face and the peeping fire hole should not be less than 0.7 meters, and the distance from the furnace door should not be less than 1.5 meters to prevent burns; if the blast furnace gas in the main pipe fails to stop running after being put into use, the electric control valve of the gas main pipe should be quickly closed. Run the button to start the two induced draft fans; no matter what the problem is, the fan must not stop running. If the fan fails, the electric control valve of the gas main pipe should be quickly closed; when the temperature drops below 800 °C due to troubleshooting, the reversing mode must be set to 'Constant temperature controlAutomatically cut off, if the gas pressure is found to be unstable when using the blast furnace gas oven burner, you should pay attention to the burning condition of each burner to avoid fire breakage and contact the dispatcher in time; the gas area is not allowed to store oxygen cylinders, acetylene cylinders, electric welding machines etc. The above is the content of the precautions for the heating furnace for everyone. Only by carefully remembering the above precautions can better reduce the mistakes in operation. After all, safety is the first.
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