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What are the products provided by brazed diamond grinding disc manufacturers-Kehua answers for you

by:Kehua     2022-07-24
Diamond itself is very hard. If you want to braze diamond, you need to use other tools. So, what are the products provided by brazed diamond grinding disc manufacturers? After all, there are many tools for brazing diamond. Next, let Kehua help you Friends, let me introduce the relevant content in detail. Brazed diamond grinding disc manufacturers 1. Brazed diamond Jin Kehua pointed out that the high hardness and excellent physical and mechanical properties of diamond make diamond tools an indispensable and effective tool for processing various hard materials. The adhesion of the matrix metal matrix to diamond (the ability of the matrix to be embedded) is one of the main factors affecting the service life and performance of diamond tools. Due to the high interfacial energy between diamond and general metals and alloys, diamond particles cannot be infiltrated by general low melting point alloys, and the adhesion is extremely poor. The generated mechanical clamping force is embedded in the matrix metal matrix without forming a firm chemical bond or metallurgical bond, which leads to the easy separation of the diamond particles from the matrix metal matrix during operation, which greatly reduces the life and performance level of the diamond tool. The utilization rate of diamond in most impregnated tools is low, and a large number of expensive diamonds are lost in the waste during work. Lin Zengdong and others took the lead in using the diamond surface metallization technology to endow the diamond surface with many new properties, such as excellent thermal conductivity, good thermal stability, improving its original physical and chemical properties, and improving its wettability to metal or alloy solutions. 2. Grinding disc is an important process equipment for the production of silicon wafers for VLSI in the semiconductor industry. Commonly used cast iron or carbon steel grinding discs have low service life and high thermal expansion coefficients. In the process of processing silicon wafers, especially during high-speed grinding or polishing, it is difficult to ensure the flatness and parallelism of the silicon wafers due to the wear and thermal deformation of the grinding disc. Grinding discs using silicon carbide ceramics can be ground and polished at high speed due to their high hardness and small abrasion, and the thermal expansion coefficient is basically the same as that of silicon wafers. Especially in recent years, the size of silicon wafers has become larger and larger, and higher requirements have been placed on the quality and efficiency of silicon wafer grinding. The use of silicon carbide ceramic grinding discs will greatly improve the quality and efficiency of silicon wafer grinding. At the same time, the silicon carbide ceramic grinding disc can also be used to grind and polish the plane of sheet-like or block-like objects of other materials. Grinding discs are mainly used for surface grinding and polishing of granite, marble and concrete. Using special brazing process, the diamond abrasive is firmly brazed on the surface of the substrate. The tool has the advantages of large chip space, high grinding and polishing efficiency, and long service life. Brazed diamond grinding disc manufacturers 3. What are the products provided by brazed diamond grinding disc manufacturers? Brazed diamond tools, brazed quartz stone knives, brazed grinding heads, brazed grinding wheels, etc. The products provided by the brazed diamond grinding disc manufacturers are introduced here to our friends. Have you got a comprehensive understanding of the brazed diamond grinding disc? Brazed diamond grinding discs are an important tool for people to braze diamonds. its grinding efficiency.
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