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What are the reasons for the deformation and sinking of the circular cooling tower filler?-[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-10-01
The first factor: high water temperature, most of the cooling towers that sink due to the deformation of the filler due to the water temperature are standard cooling towers. The high temperature resistance of standard cooling tower fillers is below 45 degrees Celsius, because the black fillers are mostly made of PVC. Then, when choosing a cooling tower, you need to pay attention to the inlet water temperature to avoid the deformation and sinking of the filler. After the cooling equipment packing is deformed, it must not be able to continue to be used. It is necessary to replace the high temperature resistant PP material packing, which is commonly referred to as the high temperature packing. The standard high temperature packing can reach 100 degrees Celsius. The second factor: the reverse connection of the motor wires of the cooling tower fan leads to reversal. The principle of the cooling equipment is to enter the air at the bottom, and the air at the top increases the heat dissipation area through the filler and then conducts heat exchange. The motor will not burn in the case, but the wind direction is blowing from top to bottom, which also causes the contact time between the filler and the hot water to become longer, and the filler will deform and sink for a long time. The solution is very simple. The fan of the cooling tower rotates along with the trend, and the wind is blown upward. When adjusting the machine, you can avoid losses with a little attention. The third factor: The cooling tower is not cleaned during use, resulting in the collapse of the filling due to excessive weight. After choosing the cooling tower product, the proportion of many customers who can do regular maintenance every year does not exceed 30%. This is a very serious mistake. Maintaining the cooling tower can not only prolong the life of the cooling equipment, but also prolong the life of the machinery and equipment using the cooling tower. Annual cleaning can greatly reduce the siltation of the pipeline.
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