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What are the requirements for the cooling of the circular cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-10-01
The circular cooling tower is a device that cools water, and the air flowing through the circular cooling tower conducts heat exchange and mass exchange, thereby reducing the water temperature. What are the requirements for circular cooling equipment cooling? 1. Corresponding antifreeze measures should be taken in cold and severe cold areas. 2. The factors should also be considered comprehensively, and the parameters and equipment specifications of the circular cooling tower should be determined. a. The cooling capacity of the end coil should be under the conditions of the higher calculated water supply temperature and the temperature difference between the supply and return water of the available air-conditioning cold water, and to meet the winter cooling load requirements, try to increase the calculated water supply temperature, and extend the use of circular cooling towers. cooling time. b. The specifications and number of circulating pumps for cold water in winter air conditioning and cold source water circulating pumps with plate heat exchangers should match the cooling conditions in winter. c. The open cooling tower should be installed in the plate heat exchanger, and the heat exchange temperature difference of 1 degree to 2 degrees can be considered, and the Kehua closed cooling tower can directly supply water. d. The higher designed cold water temperature and temperature difference of the circular cooling tower, and the number of circular cooling towers used in winter should be based on the cooling load requirements, the calculated temperature of the air-conditioning cold water, and the cooling of the circular cooling tower under the outdoor meteorological parameters in winter. Factors such as the heat exchange temperature difference of the capacity heat exchanger. Determined by relevant calculations.
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