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What are the requirements for the process of the simple steel pipe annealing furnace?

by:Kehua     2022-07-27
What are the requirements for the process of the simple steel pipe annealing furnace? Simple steel pipe annealing furnace Many people do not know what this equipment is used for, and how to use it? After Kehua introduces it to you today, you will know what the functions of the simple steel pipe annealing furnace are? 1. What is a simple steel pipe annealing furnace? Steel pipe annealing heats the steel to a certain temperature and keeps it for a period of time, and then slowly cools it, which is called annealing. Steel pipe annealing is a heat treatment method in which the steel pipe is heated to a temperature where phase transformation or partial phase transformation occurs, and then slowly cooled after heat preservation. The purpose of annealing is to eliminate structural defects, improve the structure, homogenize the composition and refine the grains, improve the mechanical properties of the steel, reduce the residual stress; at the same time, it can reduce the hardness, improve the plasticity and toughness, and improve the machinability. Therefore, annealing is not only to eliminate and improve the structural defects and internal stress left by the previous process, but also to prepare for the subsequent process. Therefore, annealing belongs to the heat treatment of semi-finished products, also known as pre-heat treatment. The continuous bright annealing furnace for steel pipes is optimized to design a new furnace type based on the actual use of the current continuous annealing furnaces at home and abroad. It is an ideal equipment for annealing steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, alloy steel pipes, copper pipes, and copper materials industries. Simple steel pipe annealing furnace 2. This equipment is strictly in accordance with the process requirements of production technology and technical manufacturing. a. This equipment is suitable for bright heat treatment of non-ferrous metal industry, copper industry, etc. b. The key parts of this equipment are imported, and all of them are made of domestic high-quality materials. c. This equipment strictly guards the quality, and its performance has the same level as foreign products. d. The transmission adopts idler type synchronous transmission, variable frequency speed regulation, stable and reliable. e. The furnace is equipped with a powerful stirring fan, the electric heating elements are arranged reasonably, and the temperature and atmosphere in the furnace are evenly distributed, so as to obtain high-quality products. f. The high-speed jet cooling system (patent of Qiaojia Furnace Industry) is used in the strong cooling area to enhance the cooling effect of the workpiece and ensure that the tube is cooled within the specified time. g. The support bearing is a special high-temperature bearing, with stable conveying and guaranteed service life. h. The bottom of the furnace is designed with a debris removal port to keep the furnace clean and improve the quality. Simple steel pipe annealing furnace i. The production line has complete and reliable electrical automatic control, safety interlocking and alarm functions. j. The electrical control system adopts programmable logic controller (PLC), which can cooperate with the computer to monitor the production line. k. High degree of automation, no environmental pollution, smooth surface of parts after treatment, uniform hardness and no oxidation. After the above introduction, you will know how to use the simple steel tube annealing furnace. In fact, it doesn't matter if you don't understand it. Now there are relevant technical schools and enterprises that cooperate with them to train these skills. That's it for Kehua's introduction.
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