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What are the steps to use the micro electric heating furnace? -Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-30
What are the steps to use the miniature electric heating furnace? Kehua will explain the use of the dangerous electric heating furnace today. In fact, everyone is not very clear about the heating furnace. If you want to master the use of the WeChat electric heating furnace, you still need to study it specially. If you don't need to be in this industry, it's normal to not understand. 1. Micro-electric heating furnace Micro-electric heating heat-conducting oil furnace is a new, safe, high-efficiency and energy-saving special industrial furnace with low pressure (at normal pressure or lower pressure) and can provide high-temperature heat energy. The thermal oil pump circulates the heat carrier and transfers the heat to the heat-using equipment. The electric heating heat transfer oil system is composed of explosion-proof electric heater, organic heat carrier furnace, heat exchanger, on-site explosion-proof operation box, hot oil pump, expansion tank, etc. and some electrical interfaces can be used. Micro-electric heating furnace 2. Operation and use steps Article 1 The operators of the electric heating furnace shall be trained in the knowledge of electric heating furnace, and shall be assessed and certified by the local boiler safety supervision agency. Article 2 Units using electric heating furnaces must formulate operating procedures for electric heating furnaces. The operating procedures should include the operation methods and precautions for the start-up, operation, shutdown and emergency shutdown of the electric heating furnace. The operator must operate according to the operating procedures. Article 3 Insulation measures should be taken for the pipelines within the scope of the electric heating furnace, but the flange connection should not be covered. Article 4 During the ignition and boosting process of the electric heating furnace, the exhaust valve on the boiler should be opened several times to discharge the mixed steam of air, water and organic heat carrier. For the gas phase furnace, when the temperature and pressure of the organic heat carrier meet the corresponding relationship, the exhaust should be stopped and the normal operation should be started. Article 5 The organic heat carrier must be dehydrated before it can be used. Different organic heat carriers should not be used in combination. When mixed use is required, the mixing conditions and requirements should be provided by the organic heat carrier production unit before mixing. Article 6 The organic heat carrier in use of the micro electric heating furnace shall be analyzed for its carbon residue, acid value, viscosity and flash point every year. Heat transfer carrier or regeneration of heat carrier. Article 7 The heating surface of the electric heating furnace shall be regularly inspected and cleaned, and the inspection and cleaning shall be recorded in the boiler technical file. Article 8 After the installation or major repair of the electric heating furnace, the user unit and the installation or repair unit should carry out a hydraulic test of 1.5 times the working pressure before it is put into operation. It can only be put into operation after being qualified. During the hydraulic test and air tightness test, the local boiler safety supervision agency shall send personnel to participate. Article 9 The boiler room shall have effective fire prevention and fire extinguishing measures. The above is the use method of the micro electric heating furnace that Kehua introduced to you today. If you want to learn new knowledge, you can also refer to related books.
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