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What are the structures of the high-frequency copper melting furnace? Let you know more about it - Youzao Copper Furnace

by:Kehua     2022-07-16
High-frequency copper Induction melting furnace is a kind of equipment that can dissolve quickly, which is often used in the melting of metal materials. If you want to really use the high-frequency copper melting furnace, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the structure of the high-frequency copper melting furnace. Then, what are the structures of the high-frequency copper melting furnace? High-frequency copper melting furnace 1. High frequency Copper melting furnace copper melting furnace, medium frequency electric furnace copper melting furnace, the power supply is 80~2500KW, the main use: the melting of copper metal materials, the melting capacity is 0.05T-5T, the efficiency is high, and the electromagnetic stirring force makes the metal evenly melted without adding other mixing processes. 2. The working principle of the high-frequency copper Induction melting furnace Kehua pointed out that the copper melting furnace uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert electrical energy into heat energy to melt the metal in the melting hook, thereby melting the copper material in the furnace cavity. High-frequency copper melting furnace 3. Structure of high-frequency copper Induction melting furnace Kehua believes that the copper melting furnace is composed of furnace body, induction body, tilting furnace system and electrical control. The furnace body adopts a vertical structure: welded by steel plates. The molten pool is knotted with thermal insulation materials and refractory materials. The induction body is composed of iron core, melting hook, coil and water cooling jacket. The induction body shell is welded from steel plates with ramming knots inside. The iron core is mountain-shaped. Tilting system: hydraulic tilting or hoist tilting is adopted. There is also a direct operation mode that does not use a tilting furnace. Electrical control system: Three-phase balance type is adopted, and the voltage is regulated by contactor voltage regulation and plug-in board voltage regulation. Autotransformers and reactors are also divided into dry type and water-cooled type for users to choose. The structure of the high-frequency copper melting furnace mainly consists of three parts. The characteristics of each part are explained above for our friends. I believe that on the basis of understanding the structure of the high-frequency copper melting furnace It is better to use high frequency copper melting furnace.
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