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What are the two common problems of FRP cooling towers-[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-20
1. The problem of cooling capacity The capacity of the FRP cooling equipment is the core of the quality of the cooling tower. An important component in the cooling tower - the water spray packing, its function is to reduce the water temperature of the cooling water. The temperature drop of the water spray cooling tower packing reaches 60% to 70% of the temperature drop of the entire tower, which shows the quality and performance of the water spray packing. To a large extent determines the cooling capacity of the cooling equipment. Frequent questions are: cooling tower users find that the cooling effect is not excellent during operation, or the water temperature drop of the cooling water is getting worse and worse; or the cooling ability is completely lost. Second, the question of water loss The loss of water in the cooling tower is a water-saving operating parameter worthy of attention. How much the cooling tower makes up for new water depends on how much water is lost during the cooling water cycle. The loss of water in the cooling tower includes: loss of transpiration, loss of wind, and loss of sewage. 1. Transpiration lost. Evaporative losses are unavoidable in wet cooling towers. 2. Lost by wind. Wind loss means that there are water droplets in the hot and humid airflow discharged from the cooling tower that are drifted out of the tower by the wind. 3. Sewage lost. The blowdown loss of the cooling tower is the amount of water that is taken away by the secretion in the cooling pool to avoid the formation of scaling by dissolved solids. In the actual operation, the cooling tower users have no process to ensure the stability of the cooling water quality, resulting in a high concentration ratio of the cooling water (the concentration ratio is very low), increasing the amount of sewage, and increasing the amount of new water to make up.
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