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What are the uses of Changsha annealing furnace? Be familiar with its structural characteristics

by:Kehua     2022-07-24
Do you know the annealing furnace? What are the uses of the Changsha annealing furnace? Do you want to know the annealing furnace very much? Since you have time, then, friends, don't miss the opportunity to know the annealing furnace below. . Changsha annealing furnace 1. Structure of annealing furnace Kehua pointed out that the annealing furnace skeleton is welded by various types of steel, the outer frame is made of channel steel, the coaming plate is made of cold sheet, the trolley annealing furnace is made of channel steel, The front and rear panels are medium panels. Annealing furnace transmission part: The trolley transmission adopts a motor and a reducer to drive a set of driving wheels at the front end through a chain. The furnace door drive adopts the combination of worm gear reducer and electric motor to lift electrically. Sealing: The trolley and the furnace body are sealed with a labyrinth structure, and there are automatic sand sealing knife sealing devices on both sides of the trolley. The furnace door is sealed by rolling channel pressing and spring pressing automatic mechanism. The furnace body part adopts high-quality refractory brick structure to ensure the tightness of the furnace. The pressure-resistant part of the trolley is built with high-alumina bricks, and thermal insulation bricks are added to the lower part. Annealing furnace combustion system: several burners are installed on both sides of the oil furnace, and the heat flow reciprocates in the furnace to ensure the uniformity of furnace temperature. Automatic and semi-automatic types can be selected as required. Smoke exhaust preheating device: a smoke exhaust preheating device is installed at the rear and upper end of the furnace. When the flue gas in the furnace passes through the preheater, it is sent to the cold air by the fan for preheating, and then sent to the burner by the pipeline for combustion support. A manual butterfly valve is installed at the outlet, which can adjust the pressure in the furnace. It is widely used in heating, cooling, condensation, evaporation and other processes in chemical, petroleum, food, metallurgy, machinery, light industry, electric power, shipbuilding, papermaking, mining, medicine, central heating and other industrial sectors. 2. Characteristics of annealing furnace Kehua proposed that the heating chamber is made of stainless steel skeleton, and the heat shield is made of multi-layer graphite felt, which has a long service life and is easy to maintain. Using graphite tube heater, easy installation and maintenance, low failure rate. The air-cooling system consists of a high-power high-speed motor, a high-pressure impeller with a large air volume, a volute and a deflector, a copper tube and copper string heat exchanger and a diversion device, etc. High-speed circulation of the workpiece-heat exchanger for rapid and uniform cooling of the workpiece. The heating chamber can also be of all-metal construction. The electronic control system adopts PLC and programmable temperature controller to realize three control modes of automatic, semi-automatic and manual, and the operation is flexible. Changsha annealing furnace 3. What are the uses of Changsha annealing furnace? Mainly used for vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing and vacuum sintering of high-speed steel, hot and cold working die steel, stainless steel, elastic alloy, high temperature alloy, magnetic material and titanium alloy. The use of Changsha annealing furnace is introduced here for all friends. Are you familiar with the above content? In short, you can enhance your understanding of the annealing furnace by understanding the structure and characteristics of the annealing furnace.
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