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What are the uses of quenching machine tools? What is the price of quenching machine tools in Guangzhou?

by:Kehua     2022-07-28
In the machinery manufacturing industry, quenching machine tools are widely used manufacturing equipment. For example, quenching machine tools are used when manufacturing gears and bearings. So, do you know the specific uses of quenching machine tools? What is the price of quenching machine tools in Guangzhou? Let's take a look. What is the price of quenching machine tools in Guangzhou What is a quenching machine tool? Quenching machine tools, as the name suggests, generally refer to special machine tools that use induction heating power for quenching process. It has the advantages of high precision, good reliability, time-saving and labor-saving. The structure of the quenching machine tool The quenching machine tool is mainly composed of a bed, a sliding table, a clamping and rotating mechanism, a cooling system, a quenching liquid circulation system, and an electrical control system. Quenching machine tools are generally single-station (double-station quenching machine tools can be used for small diameter workpieces). There are two types of quenching machine tools: vertical and horizontal in structure. Users can choose quenching machine tools according to the quenching process. For special parts or special processes, special quenching machine tools can be designed and manufactured according to the heating process requirements. The use of the quenching machine tool The induction quenching process controlled by the program is realized by the cooperation of the quenching machine tool and the induction heating power supply. It is often used for quenching and heat treatment of gears, bearings, shaft parts, valves, cylinder liners and various mechanical parts. Technical parameters of quenching machine tool Output power: 20~2000kW 20~750kW (with quenching transformer) Output frequency: 2.5~500kHz Quenching depth: 0.3~10mm Maximum operating temperature: 1250℃ Iron alloy quenched workpiece shape: various shapes Loading and unloading methods: automatic, manual Machine tool structure: vertical or horizontal; workpiece static sensor motion or workpiece motion sensor static. Note that this is only the technical parameters of the general type of quenching machine, and the technical parameters of other models are different, you can go to Kehua to see the details. Common types of quenching machine tools 1. External quenching series: The external surface of various shafts, rods, tubes, and round parts (such as bearings, valves, etc.) is quenched as a whole or partially. 2. Inner circle quenching series: the inner circle of all kinds of pipes and mechanical parts is quenched as a whole or partially, such as cylinder liners, shaft sleeves, etc. 3. End face and plane quenching series: perform overall or partial quenching on the end face and plane parts of mechanical parts. 4. Special-shaped parts quenching series: perform overall or partial quenching on a certain surface of special-shaped parts. 5. Oversized parts quenching series: The whole or partial quenching of oversized parts with large volume and heavy weight, such as marine gears, dam sluice rails, large oil pipelines, etc. 6. Die surface quenching series: Die surface induction quenching machine tool is a CNC process equipment suitable for heat treatment of large-scale automobile cover molds and large-scale non-circular space curved parts. What is the price of quenching machine tools in Guangzhou What is the price of quenching machine tools in Guangzhou Now, the machinery manufacturing industry in Guangzhou is also very developed, not only need to use quenching machine tools, but also produce quenching machine tools. According to the editor's understanding, the price of Guangzhou quenching machine tools is high or low, mainly based on functions. The more functions, the more expensive the price, but the average price is generally around 60,000 yuan. If you want to buy a quenching machine tool, the editor recommends to visit Kehua, where you can purchase different types of quenching machine tools, and can also customize. How to use the quenching machine tool 1) Start up: first turn on the power switch, check whether the position of each function switch of the CNC system is normal, if everything is normal in the CNC system, select the corresponding main function. 1. The main function of PRGRM: It can perform functions such as program writing and editing. 2. OPERA main function: It can provide various operations and electrical control of the machine tool, such as: automatic cycle, manual continuous upgrade, MDI mode, etc. a) Manual mode: Press -X and +X keys to move the machine up and down. The knob on the operation cabinet (top lift) can adjust the position of the top to facilitate the clamping of parts, (rotation) makes the lower top rotate at the speed set by the inverter, (heating) controls the heating power to work, (sprays) controls the spray solenoid valve to work. b) Automatic method: Install the workpiece, manually make the machine tool at the starting position, select the corresponding processing program, press the (start) button to automatically complete the workpiece quenching process, and press the (stop) button in case of failure. Note: When operating in automatic mode, the manual operation knob should be restored to its original position, and avoid operating the knob during automatic operation to prevent misoperation. After the (emergency stop) button is pressed, the (reset) button must be pressed to release the (emergency stop) button. c) Adjustment of rotation speed: Before working, according to the process requirements, adjust the frequency converter knob to make the frequency appropriate. 2) Shutdown: After the work is completed, turn off the power switch. Note: Before using the machine tool, please read the 'Programming and Operation' manual carefully. What is the price of Guangzhou quenching machine tool? In the above, the editor made a brief introduction for everyone. The application of quenching machine tools is relatively wide, and the price is not cheap. You can customize it according to your own needs, so that you can get value for money. I hope this article can help you.
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