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What are the working principle and process characteristics of the electric melting furnace? What are the advantages? - Excellent gold melting furnace

by:Kehua     2022-07-18
In the context of the rapid development of contemporary society, the process technology is also constantly improving. For the smelting industry, the electric melting furnace is very important. So what are the working principles and process characteristics of the electric gold melting furnace? What are the advantages? Kehua will give you a detailed introduction. Electric melting gold furnace The working principle of the electric melting gold furnace: Variable frequency electromagnetic induction heating or induction heating for short, is a method of using the principle of electromagnetic induction to convert the power frequency power supply into a specific frequency band power supply to heat metal materials. It is mainly used for metal heating, heat treatment, welding and melting, etc. This heating technology is also suitable for the packaging industry (sealing of aluminum foils such as medicine, food, etc.), semiconductor materials (such as stretched monocrystalline silicon, automotive glass heating and pasting metal parts, etc.). The basic components of the induction heating system include induction coils, AC power and artifact. Depending on the heating object, the induction coil can be made into different shapes. The coil is connected to the power source, and the power source provides alternating current for the coil, and the alternating current through the coil generates an alternating magnetic field passing through the workpiece, and the magnetic field causes the worker to generate eddy current to heat. Product process characteristics of electric gold melting furnace: 1. Small size, light weight, high efficiency and low power consumption; 2. Low temperature around the furnace, less smoke and dust, and good working environment; 3. Simple operation process and reliable melting operation; 4. The heating temperature is uniform, the burning loss is small, and the metal composition is uniform; 5. The casting quality is good, the melting temperature is fast, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high; 6. The gold melting furnace has a high utilization rate and is easy to replace. 7. The gold melting furnace is equipped with a 50kw air-cooled cabinet, compensation capacitors and furnace body. Advantages of electric melting gold furnace 1. The equipment is small in size and light in weight. Easy to move. 2. 220v single-phase power supply, energy saving, environmental protection, and its own electromagnetic stirring function, which makes it easier to obtain highly uniform molten metal; 3. IGBT high-power high-frequency power supply induction heating, fast melting speed and simple operation ; 4. The mini desktop small gold melting furnace can quickly melt 1-2kg of precious metal in only two minutes, and can produce about 30kg of gold in one hour; Temperature and other protection functions; electric melting gold furnace 6. Enhanced monitoring and diagnosis system to ensure high stability, reliability and safety of the machine; 7. Simple installation, only need to connect electricity and water to use, no need for special installation; 8. The gold Induction melting furnace can also be customized according to requirements to ensure that the most suitable melting equipment is provided to customers. In general, it is necessary to follow the trend of the times. Today, the technology is so developed, and now better machines are indispensable. It is very important to choose an electric melting furnace. If you do not choose advanced technology, it means that you will be If it is eliminated, you can consider the electric melting gold furnace produced by Kehua, which is of good quality.
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