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What are the working processes and principles of aluminum alloy melting? Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-20
Smelting can be divided into many types, such as steel smelting, copper smelting or other metal smelting, etc. These metals can only be manufactured into parts or other workpieces after smelting technology. Then, what is aluminum alloy smelting? The working principle of aluminum alloy smelting is What, what is the workflow. If you want a very accurate process flow, you need to provide your factory's product requirements composition table, raw material ingot composition table, whether only one kind of raw material ingot is used? Are there other raw materials? Smelting equipment tonnage, fuel, furnace type, silicon is added metal silicon ? Magnesium is magnesium ingot? How much magnesium content? How many workers operate? Only when these basic information are complete can a detailed and accurate production process be produced. Aluminum alloy smelting can only be approximated based on the current information: 1. Put the aluminum ingots into the smelting furnace for melting, and be careful not to put the furnace slowly. . until the desired weight is reached. Proper stirring and ash removal are required during the melting process. 2. After the molten aluminum is melted, add silicon. It should be noted that the aluminum surface should be cleaned before the siliconization, and the broken silicon powder should not be added. During the siliconization process, it should be properly stirred. 3. After silicification, put a certain amount of aluminum ingots as cooling material, because the temperature will be relatively high after silicification, the amount of cooling material is determined according to the temperature required by your casting, and magnesium is added at the end of cooling. 4. Then carry out refining and refining processes such as degassing, refining, metamorphism, and standing, and operate according to the requirements of your own factory and equipment. 5. For final casting. During the whole smelting process of aluminum alloy, the charge is heated and begins to melt, realizing the transformation from solid state to liquid state. During this transformation process, the metal will be oxidized, burnt and inhaled. Oxidation and burning loss of Kehua metal will not only affect the chemical composition of the alloy, but also the resulting oxidation slag inclusion is one of the most harmful defects in aluminum alloy ingots. It cannot escape, but exists in the ingot in the form of loose pores. Therefore, the correctness of the aluminum alloy smelting process is directly related to the quality of the smelting, which not only affects its chemical composition, but also is closely related to the quality of its ingots and even the quality of the final processed products. Aluminum alloy smelting aluminum is very active. Except for inert gas, it reacts with almost all gases: such as: A1+O2→A12O3 A1+H2O→A12O3+H2 1. And these reactions are irreversible, once the metal is reacted, it cannot be reduced, This results in the loss of metal. And the products (oxides, carbides, etc.) enter the melt, which will contaminate the metal and cause defects in the internal structure of the ingot. Therefore, in the smelting process of aluminum alloy alloy, there should be strict selection of process equipment (such as furnace type, heating method, etc.), and strict selection and measures should be taken for the process flow, such as shortening the smelting time, controlling the appropriate melting speed, Cover with flux, etc. 2. The raw materials for Kehua to manufacture aluminum alloys must be added in the form of metal materials. Very individual components (such as Be, Zr, etc.) can be added in the form of chemical raw materials. Unlike other non-ferrous or ferrous metals to make alloys, it is added in indirect form (such as ore). Because this will cause metal loss to the aluminum alloy and will contaminate the metal. 3. Due to the activity of aluminum, at the smelting temperature, it will chemically react with moisture in the atmosphere and moisture, oil, hydrocarbons, etc. in a series of processes. On the one hand, it increases the gas content in the melt, causing Looseness, pores, and on the other hand its products can foul the metal. Therefore, all measures must be taken to minimize moisture during the melting process, and process equipment, tools and raw materials must be strictly kept dry and oil-stained. 4. When melting the aluminum alloy, the addition of any component cannot be removed once it is entered. Therefore, strict attention must be paid to the addition of aluminum alloy components. Mistaken addition of non-alloy components or addition of too many or too few alloy components will occur. The chemical composition does not match the waste product, and it also brings difficulties to casting. If a sodium-containing flux is used in the smelting of high-magnesium alloys, it will cause 'sodium brittlenessIf more Si is added to the LC4 alloy, it will bring certain difficulties to the ingot forming. 5. Metallurgical defects are difficult to remedy in future processing. And metallurgical defects directly affect the performance of the material. The generation of metallurgical defects is largely caused by the melting process, such as high gas content, non-metallic slag inclusions, coarse grains, metal compounds, etc. Appropriate control of chemical composition and impurity content and addition of modifiers can improve casting. performance, and at the same time it is important to improve melt quality. Aluminum alloy smelting is much more complicated than other metal smelting, because the metal content of aluminum alloy is much more than that of ordinary steel, so there are relatively more processes when smelting aluminum alloy.
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