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What does annealing mean? What does annealing heat treatment equipment do?-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-26
I believe that everyone has heard the word annealing. This is a process in metal smelting, and it is a very important process, but everyone knows less about annealing. Now Kehua will take you to see what annealing means and what is the role of annealing heat treatment equipment? What does annealing heat treatment equipment mean? Annealing is a metal heat treatment process, which refers to slowly heating the metal to a certain temperature for a sufficient time. , and then cool at an appropriate rate. The purpose is to reduce hardness, improve machinability; reduce residual stress, stabilize size, reduce deformation and crack tendency; refine grains, adjust organization, and eliminate organizational defects. Kehua believes that annealing is a heat treatment process for materials, including metallic materials and non-metallic materials. Moreover, the purpose of annealing of new materials is similar to that of traditional metal annealing. Annealing heat treatment equipment What is the function of annealing heat treatment equipment? Annealing heat treatment is to heat the workpiece to an appropriate temperature, using different holding times according to the material and workpiece size, and then slowly cooling, the purpose is to make the internal structure of the metal reach or close to the equilibrium state, and obtain good Process performance and service performance, or prepare for further quenching. Normalizing is to heat the workpiece to a suitable temperature and then cool it in the air. The effect of normalizing is similar to that of annealing, but the obtained structure is finer. It is often used to improve the cutting performance of materials, and sometimes used for some parts with low requirements. as the final heat treatment. The heat treatment of steel should be determined according to the purpose of the application. If it is used for fast-mouth molds, such as copper stamping parts, the material is soldering steel, and the quenching temperature does not need to be too high. If it is a punching iron sheet material, it is quite high. , After the metal product is produced, it must be annealed, otherwise the toughness of the metal product is not enough, it is easy to be damaged, and the annealing heat treatment equipment is the equipment that must be used when annealing.
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