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What does annealing mean? What is the main purpose of annealing?

by:Kehua     2022-07-26
Annealing is an important process for metal heat treatment, and almost all metal products are annealed. Because metal products that have not been annealed have relatively low hardness and toughness, they are easily damaged. Now Kehua will take you to see what annealing means, and what is the main purpose of annealing? What does annealing mean? Annealing is a metal heat treatment process, which refers to slowly heating the metal to a certain temperature and maintaining sufficient time, and then cool at an appropriate rate. The purpose is to reduce hardness, improve machinability; reduce residual stress, stabilize size, reduce deformation and crack tendency; refine grains, adjust organization, and eliminate organizational defects. To be precise, annealing is a heat treatment process for materials, including metallic materials and non-metallic materials. Moreover, the purpose of annealing of new materials is similar to that of traditional metal annealing. The choice of annealing heating temperature for most alloys is based on the phase diagram of the alloy system, such as carbon steel based on the iron-carbon equilibrium diagram. In production, the annealing process is widely used. According to Kehua's understanding, according to the different purposes of annealing required by the workpiece, there are various annealing process specifications, and commonly used are complete annealing, spheroidizing annealing, and stress relief annealing. What does annealing mean? What is the main purpose of annealing? ① Improve or eliminate various structural defects and residual stress caused by steel in the process of casting, forging, rolling and welding to prevent deformation and cracking of the workpiece; ② Soften the workpiece for Machining; ③ Refine the grains and improve the structure to improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece; ④ Prepare the structure for the final heat treatment (quenching, tempering). In metal smelting, annealing is a necessary process, but many people still do not know what annealing means. After reading the above introduction, you must already know something about annealing.
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