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What does brazing mean What are the advantages of kettle brazing

by:Kehua     2022-07-25
Welding technology is used in various fields, and brazing is a relatively advanced welding technology. Brazing is especially suitable for welding precision components. Next, Kehua will tell you what brazing means and what are the advantages of kettle brazing? What does kettle brazing brazing mean? Brazing means that the brazing filler metal and the weldment below the melting point of the weldment are heated at the same time until the brazing filler metal melts. After the temperature, the liquid solder is used to fill the gap of the solid workpiece to connect the metals. When brazing, the oxide film and oil stains on the contact surface of the base metal should be removed first, so that the capillary can play a role after the solder is melted and increase the wettability and capillary fluidity of the solder. According to the different melting points of the solder, brazing is divided into brazing and soldering. Surface-cleaned workpieces are assembled together in a lap joint pattern, with solder placed near or between the joint gaps. When the workpiece and the solder are heated to a temperature slightly higher than the melting point of the solder, the solder melts (the workpiece is not melted), and is sucked in by capillary action and fills the gap between the solid workpieces. The liquid solder and the workpiece metal diffuse and dissolve with each other. A brazed joint is formed after condensation. Kehua believes that the workpiece must be carefully processed and strictly cleaned before brazing to remove oil stains and excessively thick oxide film to ensure the interface assembly gap. The gap is generally required to be between 0.01 and 0.1 mm. What are the advantages of kettle brazing? (1) The brazing heating temperature is low, the joints are smooth and flat, the changes in structure and mechanical properties are small, the deformation is small, and the size of the workpiece is accurate. (2) It can weld the same metal or dissimilar materials, and there is no strict limit on the thickness difference of the workpiece. ⑶ Some brazing methods can weld multiple weldments and joints at the same time, and the productivity is very high. ⑷The brazing equipment is simple and the production investment cost is low. ⑸The strength of the joint is low, the heat resistance is poor, and the cleaning requirements before welding are strict, and the price of the solder is relatively expensive. Nowadays, brazing technology is used in various fields, and brazing kettle brazing has the advantages of smooth and beautiful joints. This technology is very suitable for welding precision and complex components.
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