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What does high-frequency quenching mean? What are the characteristics of high-frequency quenching machine bakelite gears?

by:Kehua     2022-07-22
When smelting metal, quenching is an indispensable process, and high-frequency quenching is a relatively advanced quenching technology. Next, Kehua will talk about what high-frequency quenching means, and what are the characteristics of bakelite gears of high-frequency quenching machines? What does high-frequency quenching mean by high-frequency quenching machine gear quenching? The heat treatment method of heating and cooling the workpiece surface locally to obtain a surface hardened layer. This method only strengthens the surface of the workpiece to a certain depth, while the core basically maintains the structure and properties before treatment, so a combination of high strength, high wear resistance and high toughness can be obtained. Kehua believes that due to local heating, it can significantly reduce quenching deformation and reduce energy consumption. It is precisely because of the above characteristics of induction quenching that it is widely used in the machining industry. High-frequency quenching machine gear quenching What are the characteristics of high-frequency quenching machine bakelite gear? The bakelite gear is characterized by heat resistance and good insulation. Bakelite gears are mechanical parts with teeth that can mesh with each other, and the application of gears in transmission appeared very early. The principle of the generating gear cutting method and the special machine tools and tools that use this principle to cut teeth have appeared one after another. With the development of production, the stability of gear operation has been paid attention to. It is each raised part used for meshing. These raised parts are generally arranged in a radial pattern, and the teeth on the paired gears are in contact with each other, so that the gears can be continuously meshed. Gears have low bearing capacity, but are relatively easy to manufacture and have good running-in properties. They are mostly used in general machinery with no strict restrictions on transmission size and weight, as well as small-scale production. In the paired gears, the small wheel has a heavier burden, so in order to make the working life of the large and small gears roughly equal, the hardness of the tooth surface of the small gear is generally higher than that of the large gear. When high-frequency quenching is performed, a high-frequency quenching machine is required. The bakelite gear of the high-frequency quenching machine has the characteristics of heat resistance and strong insulation, and is an indispensable part of the high-frequency quenching machine.
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