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What does high frequency quenching mean? What is the working principle of plane high frequency quenching equipment? -Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-22
Quenching is an indispensable process in metal smelting, and for different metal materials, the quenching methods are also very different. Next, Kehua will introduce to you what high-frequency quenching means, and what is the working principle of plane high-frequency quenching equipment? What is the meaning of high-frequency quenching of plane high-frequency quenching equipment A metal heat treatment method in which a certain induced current is generated on the surface of the workpiece, the surface of the part is rapidly heated, and then rapidly quenched. Through rapid heating, the surface of the steel to be processed reaches the quenching temperature, and it cools rapidly without waiting for the heat to reach the center, only the surface layer is quenched into martensite, and the center is still annealed (or positive) with good plasticity and toughness. Fire and tempering) organization. The safety tube wells in the heat treatment workshop and section shall comply with the relevant national regulations or regulations, and shall be equipped with necessary labor insurance, fire protection, first aid, environmental protection, ventilation, lighting supplies and equipment. Kehua believes that a set of more specific safety operation documents that meet the standard requirements must be formulated in its workshop and strictly implemented in production. What is the working principle of the plane high-frequency quenching equipment? The workpiece is placed in an inductor wound with a hollow copper tube, and after passing in an intermediate frequency or high-frequency alternating current, an induced current of the same frequency is formed on the surface of the workpiece. Quickly heat the surface or part of the part (800-1000℃ in a few seconds, the heart is still close to room temperature), spray (immerse) water cooling (or spray oil cooling) immediately after a few seconds to complete the immersion work, Make the surface or part of the workpiece meet the corresponding hardness requirements. High-frequency quenching is a relatively advanced quenching technology, which can rapidly heat up the metal surface. Most metallurgical enterprises now use flat high-frequency quenching equipment.
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