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What drainage methods should be considered before installing FRP cooling equipment? -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-26
1. Removal of ground water During the construction of the FRP cooling equipment, in order to carry out the earthwork of the tower foundation smoothly, it is necessary to consider how to remove the rainwater accumulated in the site before construction. During construction in the rainy season, arrangements should be made early, and open ditches can be excavated around the site for drainage. 2. Exclusion of groundwater When the elevation of the bottom of the cooling equipment foundation is lower than the groundwater level, a major problem during earthwork excavation is how to prevent groundwater from infiltrating the foundation pit and drain water from the foundation pit, so that the groundwater level is lower than the designed bottom of the foundation pit elevation. The drainage method adopts the water collection and drainage method and the well point precipitation method according to the soil properties, the groundwater head and the seepage flow. (1) The water collection well drainage method is economical and useful for gravel, coarse sand and clay soil with little seepage. When the difference is large, under the action of dynamic water pressure, it will appear in a flowing state. That is, the phenomenon of quicksand will occur, so that the bottom of the pit rises and the slope slips, so this drainage method should not be used. (2) When the groundwater infiltration method is large and has a large water head, the above-mentioned drainage method cannot be carried out normally, and the structure of the tomb soil will be damaged, which will reduce the strength of the pool foundation, causing Slope collapse and other phenomena. In the fine sand, due to the action of dynamic hydraulic force, the phenomenon of quicksand may be formed. At this time, it is better to use the well point dewatering method, that is, to drive several well point pipes around the foundation pit, and lay a collection point on the ground. The water main pipe and the elbow connect each well point pipe, and use the vacuum pump and water pump to pump out groundwater (steam extraction or high-pressure water jet can also be used to cause negative pressure in the well point pipe, and the groundwater is pumped out). Drain. The water table is reduced.
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