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What factors can affect the cooling tower heat dissipation

by:Kehua     2022-10-01
1. The key components of radiator cooling towers. Small towers generally use PVC sheet hot pressing or heat suction, and large towers use wood. The main purpose is to make the contact surface between air and water without affecting wind resistance. The heat exchange rate has also reached a large value. The two parameters that affect the heat transfer effect of the heat sink are mainly the shape and height of the heat sink. When installing the water tower, try not to damage the heat sink to avoid poor water flow. 2. Fan air volume It mainly accelerates the air flow in the tower, accelerates the heat exchange between air and water, and takes away heat. The air volume of the fan is mainly affected by the shape of the fan blade, that is, the width and length of the fan blade and its own deflection angle, the speed of the fan blade, the installation angle, the speed and the motor and transmission ratio. In addition, in the case of a certain air volume, the cooling effect of the same type of tower with a small cooling water volume is better than that with a large cooling water volume. Our Kehua cooling equipment manufacturer has been selling Kehua round cooling towers and square cooling towers, with complete models, excellent performance and low prices. Please call us anytime if you need it.​​
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