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What factors does the cooling effect of FRP cooling tower depend on?-【Lingyan Electromechanical】Industrial Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-19
The use of glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling equipment is to achieve a certain cooling effect, and the cooling effect depends on the heat sink and fan air volume. The amount of water used by the cooling tower, the ventilation conditions, and the installation location will also have a certain impact on its effect. The influence of the cooling tower’s fins and fan air volume on the cooling system is as follows: 1. Heat sink: It is the key component of the cooling tower. Small towers generally use PVC sheet hot pressing or heat suction, and large towers use wood. The main purpose is to make When the contact surface between air and water does not affect the wind resistance, the larger the better, and the heat exchange rate also reaches the maximum. The two parameters that affect the heat transfer effect of the heat sink are mainly the shape and height of the heat sink. When installing the water tower, try to Do not damage the heat sink, so that the water flow of the heat sink is not smooth. 2. Fan air volume: It mainly accelerates the air flow in the tower, accelerates the heat exchange between air and water, and takes away heat. The air volume of the fan is mainly affected by the shape of the fan blade, that is, the width and length of the fan blade and its own deflection angle, the speed of the fan blade, the installation angle, the speed and the motor and transmission ratio. In addition, in the case of a certain air volume, the cooling effect of the same type of tower with a small cooling water volume is better than that with a large cooling water volume.
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