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What is a circular cooling tower used for?

by:Kehua     2022-09-30
Do you know what the Kehua circular cooling tower is used for? The following Kehua cooling equipment manufacturers will introduce the use of Kehua circular cooling towers. To put it simply, the refrigeration unit of the central air conditioner is equivalent to our car engine. When the car engine is running, the engine will heat up. At this time, the water in the water tank at the front end of the engine needs to be circulated for cooling. When the water reaches a certain temperature, the electronic device at the front end of the engine The fan will rotate to cool the water in the water tank. After the water is cooled, it will circulate in the engine to keep the temperature of the engine within the normal range. The same is true for the refrigeration unit of the central air conditioner. When the refrigeration unit is working, the unit itself will heat up and generate heat. If it is not cooled with water, it will damage the unit and cause it to fail to operate normally. If a cooling equipment is added, the water in the refrigeration unit will be cooled down. Allow the refrigeration unit to operate normally. The two principles are the same.​
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