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What is a quenched gear? What should I do if it breaks after local quenching?

by:Kehua     2022-07-19
When metallurgical casting is carried out, it will go through the process of quenching. However, little is known about quenching. Next, Kehua Induction Heating Equipment will take you to understand what quenching is and what to do if the gear is broken after partial quenching? What is quenching and quenching of gears? steel) above the temperature, hold for a period of time to make it all or part of austenitic heat treatment process. The solution treatment of aluminum alloy, copper alloy, titanium alloy, tempered glass and other materials or the heat treatment process with rapid cooling process is also called quenching. 1. Increase the gear modulus to improve the bending strength of the gear teeth. At the same time, positive displacement gears can be used, that is, the tool reference line is moved outward by a certain distance during gear processing to improve the gear teeth. High bending strength; use heating equipment to quench and temper the workpiece after rough milling to prevent the defect of gear strength due to insufficient quenching depth; 2. Improve the quenching quality of the gear surface, eliminate the internal micro-fission of the workpiece, and make the gear hardened layer The transition between the structure and the matrix is u200bu200bgentle, reducing the sudden change of structure and hardness, and minimizing the weak area and stress area that cause crack initiation and expansion; 3. Control the bearing bush clearance, improve the contact accuracy of the tooth surface, and prevent local stress caused by eccentric load force. Concentration can significantly slow down the risk of crack propagation and gear fracture; treat the impurities in the hardened layer of the workpiece, and precipitate them through high temperature, so that the hardened layer is in a better condition and is not easy to break; 4. The workpiece is annealed and heat treated , Eliminate the excess stress inside the workpiece, improve the strength, toughness and other properties of the gear, with good toughness, it is not easy to fracture. Through the introduction of Kehua Induction Heating Equipment, I believe everyone already knows what quenching is. If the gear is broken after local quenching, you can use the above method to solve it.
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