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What is an annealing furnace and what are the characteristics of a micro annealing furnace?

by:Kehua     2022-08-03
When annealing metal, an annealing furnace is required. Many small enterprises choose to use micro annealing furnaces because of their low output. Next, Kehua will show you what an annealing furnace is and what are the characteristics of a micro annealing furnace? What is a micro annealing furnace? An annealing furnace is a process used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, which includes heating multiple semiconductor wafers. to affect its electrical properties. Heat treatments are designed for different effects. The wafer can be heated to activate dopants, convert thin films to thin films or convert thin films to wafer substrate interfaces, densify deposited thin films, change the state of growing thin films, repair implanted damage, move dopants or transfer dopants The agent is transferred from one film to another or from the film into the wafer substrate. The annealing furnace can be integrated into other furnace processing steps, such as oxidation, or can be processed by itself. According to Kehua, the annealing furnace is completed by equipment specially designed for heating semiconductor wafers. The frame of the annealing furnace is welded by various types of steel. The outer frame is made of channel steel as the main beam, the coaming plate is made of cold sheet, the trolley is made of channel steel as the main beam, and the bottom plate and the front and rear plates are made of middle plate. What are the characteristics of micro annealing furnace? 1. Electric furnace has large loading capacity and high productivity, especially suitable for heat treatment of small and medium-sized parts, energy saving up to 30%, uniform furnace temperature, intelligent digital display PID (as shown in the figure) ) Automatically control the furnace temperature, with high precision; 2. The electric furnace is easy to load and has good operating conditions; 3. The sealing of the furnace door and the furnace body is automatic sealing, without manual sealing; 4. The electric furnace is equipped with a chain protection device, which can prevent the Malfunctions and accidents caused by operation. Annealing furnace is a necessary equipment for smelting enterprises, and micro annealing furnace is very suitable for small smelting enterprises. The micro annealing furnace has the advantages of convenient charging and long service life.
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