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What is induction heating of copper? How does it work?

by:Kehua     2022-08-03
In recent years, the application of copper induction heating has become more and more extensive, and the maturity of such technology has accelerated the development of my country's economy. Induction heating is the most important process in metal smelting. The following Kehua business leaders will tell you what is induction heating of copper? What is the working principle? Induction heating of copper 1. What is induction heating? Induction heating is to use the method of electromagnetic induction to generate electric current inside the heated material, and rely on the energy of these eddy currents to achieve the purpose of heating. The basic components of an induction heating system include an induction coil, an AC power source and a workpiece. Depending on the heating object, the coil can be made into different shapes. The coil is connected to the power supply, and the power supply provides alternating current to the coil. The alternating current flowing through the coil generates an alternating magnetic field that passes through the workpiece, and the magnetic field causes the workpiece to generate eddy current to heat the induction heating principle. 2. Can copper be heated by electric induction? Yes, copper can use high-frequency induction heating machine, which is fast and efficient! The structure of copper heating machine 3. What is the working principle of induction heating of copper? Induction heating is a fairly new process, and it is used mainly because of its unique properties. When a rapidly changing current flows through a metal workpiece, the skin effect occurs, which concentrates the current on the surface of the workpiece and generates a highly selective heat source on the metal surface. Faraday discovered this advantage of the skin effect and discovered the remarkable phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. He is also the founder of induction heating. Induction heating does not require an external heat source, but uses the heated workpiece itself as a heat source, and this method does not require the workpiece to be in contact with the energy source, that is, the induction coil. Other features include the ability to select different heating depths based on frequency, localized heating based on coil coupling design, and high power density, or high power density. Copper induction heating Copper induction heating technology can be applied to military manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and automobile production, is a complete industrial technology. If you want to know about this technology, you can log on to the Kehua website for consultation.
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