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What is intermediate frequency heating equipment What are the characteristics of intermediate frequency heating equipment?

by:Kehua     2022-08-04
In smelting enterprises, various types of heating equipment are always used. And now the intermediate frequency heating equipment is widely used, it has gradually replaced the traditional heating equipment used by smelting enterprises. Next, Kehua will introduce to you what is an intermediate frequency heating equipment, and what are the characteristics of an intermediate frequency heating equipment? The device converts the three-phase power frequency alternating current into direct current after rectification, and then converts the direct current into an adjustable intermediate frequency current, supplies the intermediate frequency alternating current flowing through the capacitor and the induction coil, and generates high-density magnetic lines of force in the induction coil. , and cut the metal material contained in the induction coil, resulting in a large eddy current in the metal material. This eddy current also has some properties of intermediate frequency current, that is, the free electrons of the metal itself flow in the metal body with resistance to generate heat. Medium frequency heating What are the characteristics of medium frequency heating equipment (1) High melting efficiency, good power saving effect, compact structure and strong overload capacity (2) The temperature around the furnace is low, the smoke and dust are less, and the working environment is good. (3) The operation process is simple and the smelting operation is reliable. (4) The metal composition is uniform. (5) The melting temperature is fast, the furnace temperature is easy to control, and the production efficiency is high. (6) The furnace utilization rate is high and the variety is convenient to change. (7) The long arc yoke shields the magnetic flux leakage and reduces the external magnetic resistance, and has the magnetic flux leakage at both ends of the shielded coil. The cross section of the yoke is the inner side of the arc and the outer wall is seamlessly close to increase the effective magnetic permeability area and make the lower ring Got better support. The unique positive and negative rotation coil greatly improves the efficiency of the system. (8) The medium frequency heating equipment has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, excellent thermal processing quality and favorable environment. Through Kehua's introduction, I believe everyone already knows what an intermediate frequency heating device is. The biggest feature of intermediate frequency heating equipment is high efficiency and no damage to the environment.
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