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What is intermediate frequency quenching What is the role of intermediate frequency quenching transformers? Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-08-04
When smelting metal, quenching is an absolutely indispensable process. Quenching is also divided into many types, such as high frequency quenching, intermediate frequency quenching and so on. In the quenching equipment that everyone usually uses, there will be a transformer. Next, Kehua will tell you what intermediate frequency quenching is, and what is the role of intermediate frequency quenching transformers? Intermediate frequency quenching transformers What is intermediate frequency quenching? An alternating current is induced in the metal parts. Due to the skin effect, the current is mainly concentrated on the surface of the metal parts, so the surface temperature is the highest. Water spray cooling or other cooling is followed immediately below the induction coil. Since the heating and cooling are mainly concentrated in Therefore, the surface modification is obvious, but the internal modification is basically not, and it can have a very special heat treatment effect. Intermediate frequency quenching transformer What role does the intermediate frequency quenching transformer have? The intermediate frequency quenching transformer also has an impact on the depth of the quenching layer. The quenched layer is shallower. The power required by the intermediate frequency quenching is related to the quenching area, and the power per unit area is generally (0.5-2) kw/square centimeter. The depth of the quenched layer is an important process requirement, which has a great impact on the quality of the product. According to Kehua, the depth of the quenching layer is mainly determined by the frequency of the heating power supply. The higher the frequency, the smaller the penetration depth, and the shallower the direct heating layer and the quenching depth. The frequency of quenching heating power supply is divided into two categories: intermediate frequency (2.5 and 8khz) and high frequency (70-300kz). The relationship between the intermediate frequency quenching depth and the frequency of the power supply is the power supply frequency: 8khz quenching layer depth 1.3-3.5mm, 2.5khz quenching layer depth 2.4-10mm. Among all kinds of quenching equipment, the choice of transformer is very important, and it is an absolutely indispensable accessory. The intermediate frequency quenching transformer has a great influence on the effect of quenching.
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