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What is the application method of induction brazing aluminum induction brazing

by:Kehua     2022-08-04
Whether it is industrial production or house decoration, welding technology is used. And now many companies have abandoned traditional electric welding and switched to induction brazing technology. So, what is induction brazing and the application method of aluminum induction brazing? Aluminum induction brazing What is induction brazing? High-frequency heating is suitable for welding thin-walled pipe fittings. The use of coaxial cables and split-type induction coils can be used for brazing at a site far away from the power source, which is especially suitable for welding of certain large components, such as pipe joints that need to be disassembled on rockets. According to Kehua's understanding, it is also often used in pin welding in the electronics industry. It is used to heat the solder joints in the area at the same time, and the tin wire is sent to the solder joints through the tin feeding mechanism to complete the welding. Place the metal workpiece to be welded (generally red copper) in the induction coil, pass high-frequency alternating current, generate an induced electromagnetic field, couple the surface of the workpiece to generate an induced electromotive force, form an induced eddy current on the metal surface, and rely on the eddy current generated on the metal surface to generate heat, Solder powder is usually applied to the welding part, and the welding can be done when the workpiece reaches the melting temperature of the solder. Induction brazing is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly heating welding method in the world. Aluminum induction brazing Application method of aluminum induction brazing When aluminum induction brazing is performed, the brazed part of the part is placed in an alternating magnetic field, and the heating of this part of the base metal is through the induced current generated in the alternating magnetic field. Resistive heat is achieved. The higher the frequency, the smaller the current penetration depth. Although the surface layer is rapidly heated, the thickness of the heating is thinner, and the interior of the part can only be heated by the heat conduction from the surface layer to the interior, which is the so-called skin effect. Kehua believes that it is not beneficial to choose an excessively high AC frequency, and generally a frequency of about 500 kHz is more appropriate. In addition, the skin effect is also related to the resistivity and permeability of the material. The greater the resistivity, the smaller the permeability, and the weaker the skin effect. On the contrary, the skin effect is more significant. Aluminum induction brazing is a relatively advanced welding technology at present. It has the advantages of fast welding speed and smooth interface. Induction brazing has gradually replaced traditional electric welding.
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