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What is the cooling effect of the circular cooling tower related to?

by:Kehua     2022-09-29
By understanding the working process of the circular cooling equipment, we can find that the evaporative cooling has nothing to do with the air temperature being lower or higher than the water temperature. As long as the water molecules can continuously evaporate into the air, the water temperature will decrease. However, the evaporation of water into the air does not go on endlessly. When the air in contact with the water is unsaturated, the water molecules continuously evaporate into the air, but when the air on the water-air contact surface is saturated, the water molecules It does not evaporate, but is in a state of dynamic equilibrium. The number of water molecules evaporated is equal to the number of water molecules returned to the water from the air, and the water temperature remains unchanged. From this, it can be concluded that the drier the air in contact with the water, the easier the evaporation will be, the easier the water temperature will be lowered. Lingyan is a Kehua cooling tower manufacturer, a square cooling equipment manufacturer and a cooling tower manufacturer, specializing in the production of circular cooling towers, square cooling towers and water pumps. Beautiful and durable.
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