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What is the heating principle of the high frequency quenching machine? The outstanding advantages of Youzao high-frequency quenching machine?

by:Kehua     2022-07-22
What is the self-made high frequency quenching machine? I believe that many people do not understand. When you understand, maybe you are about to use them. So what are the outstanding advantages of the high frequency quenching machine? If you want to buy it, which one should you buy? What about? Here I will recommend Kehua's high-frequency quenching machine! This method of self-made high-frequency quenching machine only strengthens the surface of the workpiece to a certain depth, while the core basically maintains the structure and properties before treatment, so high strength can be obtained. , a combination of high wear resistance and high toughness. And because it is local heating, it can significantly reduce quenching deformation and reduce energy consumption. It is precisely because of the above characteristics of induction quenching that it is widely used in the machining industry. Heating principle The high-frequency quenching machine adopts induction heating. The engineer explained that the principle of induction heating is: the workpiece is placed in the inductor, and the inductor is generally a hollow copper tube inputting intermediate frequency or high frequency alternating current (1000-300000Hz or higher). The alternating magnetic field generates an induced current of the same frequency in the workpiece. The distribution of this induced current in the workpiece is uneven, it is strong on the surface, but weak in the interior, and it is close to 0 in the center. This skin effect is used. , the surface of the workpiece can be heated rapidly, and the surface temperature rises to 800-1000ºC in a few seconds, while the temperature of the core rises very little. High-frequency quenching machine self-made outstanding advantages 1. Using IGBT module, energy saving and power saving: 30% power saving than electronic tube type, 20% power saving than thyristor intermediate frequency; 2. Stable performance: complete protection measures, no worries; 3. Fast heating speed: induction heating, no oxide layer, small deformation; 4. Small size: using split structure, light weight, easy to move and install; 5. Environmental protection: no pollution, noise and dust; 6. Strong adaptability: can Heating a variety of workpieces; 7. The temperature and heating time can be precisely controlled, and the processing quality is high. 8. Simple installation and convenient operation. Types of high-frequency quenching Modern high-frequency quenching machines are more power-saving, energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional quenching machines. It can be divided into the following categories: 1. High-frequency induction gear should be heated and quenched: This type is specially used for quenching of various gears. After this process, the gears are more durable and wear-resistant. 2. High-frequency induction heating shaft quenching machine: This type is specially used for surface quenching of various shafts, which will increase the hardness of the shaft surface and make it durable and wear-resistant. 3. High-frequency machine tool guide rail quenching induction heating machine: This type is specially used for guide rail quenching such as single guide rail quenching, double guide rail quenching, plane guide rail quenching, etc. The purpose of high frequency quenching is mainly to improve the wear resistance of the metal surface. After quenching, the wear resistance increases by 2-3 times and the service life of the workpiece is improved. The above is about the introduction of Kehua's high-frequency quenching machine. If you buy a homemade high-frequency quenching machine, you must understand its instructions before using it, so that it will be safer during use!
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