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What is the heating principle of the intermediate frequency electric furnace? What are the advantages of the intermediate frequency electric furnace-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-08-05
There are many types of heating equipment, among which the intermediate frequency heating furnace is the most widely used heating equipment. Most of the smelting and metal processing enterprises are using the intermediate frequency heating furnace. Next, Kehua will introduce to you what is the heating principle of the intermediate frequency electric furnace and what are the advantages of the intermediate frequency electric furnace? What is the heating principle of the intermediate frequency electric furnace? The direct current becomes an adjustable intermediate frequency current, which supplies the load composed of a capacitor and an induction coil (the coil and the capacitor can be connected in parallel or in series), generate high-density magnetic lines of force in the induction coil, and cut the metal material contained in the induction coil. , which produces large eddy currents in metallic materials. This eddy current also has some properties of intermediate frequency current, that is, the free electrons of the metal itself flow in the metal body with resistance to generate heat. For example, if a metal cylinder is placed in an induction coil with alternating intermediate frequency current, the metal cylinder is not in direct contact with the induction coil, and the temperature of the energized coil itself is very low, but the surface of the cylinder is heated to the point of redness or even melting , and the speed of this redness and melting can be achieved as long as the frequency and the strength of the current are adjusted. If the cylinder is placed in the center of the coil, the temperature around the cylinder will be the same, and the heating and melting of the cylinder will not produce harmful gases or pollute the environment with strong light. What are the advantages of intermediate frequency electric furnace heating intermediate frequency electric furnace 1. The central control circuit board is optimized by computer, and the large-scale integrated circuit is optimized and combined, the device performance is stable, the quality is reliable, and the anti-interference is strong; 2. The layout of components is coordinated and convenient, and maintenance is convenient; 3. On the basis of zero-voltage start-up, the automatic frequency sweep and repeated start function is added. The voltage and current loop circuits are closely tracked, and the equipment starts and stops smoothly and stably without current impact. 4. The inverter start-up signal adopts a single-signal high-sensitivity trigger circuit, which further increases the start-up performance of the equipment and makes the start-up success rate of the equipment reach 100%; It can automatically adjust the voltage and current to the best setting, without the need to manually adjust the inverter cut-off angle; , so as to ensure the reliability and working stability of the equipment; 7. Highly integrated circuit scheme, debugging and operation are fast, simple and easy to learn. The medium frequency electric furnace heats up very fast and consumes very little energy. According to Kehua's understanding, when using the medium frequency electric furnace, it is very environmentally friendly and will not cause environmental pollution.
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