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What is the high frequency brazing machine? Understand its working principle-UZO brazing machine

by:Kehua     2022-07-21
How to connect two different materials , Efficient equipment, let's learn about it together. High-frequency brazing machine 1. High-frequency brazing machine Kehua pointed out that the high-frequency brazing machine heats the solder to a certain temperature through an induced current to melt the solder, thereby connecting two metals of the same material or different materials. heating equipment. The brazing process of the high-frequency brazing machine: the workpieces that have been cleaned on the surface are assembled together in an overlapping pattern, and the solder is placed near the joint gap or between the joint gap. 2. The principle of high-frequency brazing machine The principle of high-frequency welding equipment is to use the skin effect of high-frequency current to concentrate high-frequency electrical energy on the surface of the weldment, and to use the proximity effect to control the flow of high-frequency current. location and extent. When the high-frequency current is required to be concentrated in a certain part of the weldment, as long as the conductor and the weldment form a current loop and the conductor is close to this part of the weldment, so that they form adjacent conductors to each other, this requirement can be achieved. . High-frequency welding is based on the specific form and special requirements of the structure of the weldment, mainly using the skin effect and the proximity effect, so that the surface metal of the weldment to be welded can be rapidly heated to achieve welding. High-frequency brazing machine 3. Advantages of high-frequency brazing machine 1. High efficiency: induction heating to any temperature in a few seconds in an instant. 2. Low power consumption: 3-5 degrees of power consumption per hour. 3. Safety: Comply with factory safety regulations. Comply with factory inspection standards. 4. Simple operation and no need for high-frequency brazing. The advantages of the high-frequency brazing machine are very obvious. It can not only realize the connection between different materials, but also has the characteristics of high efficiency, safety and simple operation. Therefore, Kehua believes that its application in the industry is very extensive.
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