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What is the operation method of the homemade quenching furnace, do you know how to do it? Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-26
Quenching furnace is a very common quenching and heating equipment. It is widely used in modern industrial production. However, as long as you are familiar with it a few times, you can make a quenching furnace yourself. Then, the specific operation steps of a self-made quenching furnace are: What? Homemade Quenching Furnace 1. Quenching Furnace Kehua pointed out that the quenching furnace is a non-standard electric furnace specially designed according to user requirements, which is mainly used for heat treatment such as quenching and heating of various workpieces in the aluminum industry. 2. Operation method of self-made quenching furnace 1) When the parts are loaded into the furnace, they must be placed in a predetermined effective heating area. The amount of installation, the way of loading and the form of stacking should be determined to ensure that the parts are evenly heated and cooled without causing harmful effects. The principle of defects; when packing and annealing, the distance between the boxes should be greater than 100mm. 2) After the furnace is installed, it is necessary to check that there is no contact between the parts and the electric heating element, and then the power can be sent to heat up. During the operation, the furnace door should not be opened at will. 3) The heating rate of the parts is mainly determined according to the chemical composition, geometric shape and other factors. For high-carbon and high-alloy steel parts with large cross-section or complex shapes, as well as box-annealed parts, a low-temperature furnace should be used and heated to 500~ 550 ℃ for a period of time and then heated to the specified temperature. 4) The holding time is calculated from the time when the furnace temperature reaches the specified temperature, but when the furnace load is large, it should be appropriately extended. For box annealing, it should usually be increased by 2 to 3 hours. 5) For the easily deformed parts, attention should be paid when installing the furnace, and the support should be placed flat and stable. Self-made quenching furnace 3. How can the self-made quenching furnace control the temperature to be 820℃ all the time? Kehua proposed that the natural gas furnace can control the gas through the solenoid valve, the electric actuator controls the air intake, and the proportional valve is proportional to the air ratio. Then it is controlled by pld gas temperature control system. For the temperature control of the electric furnace, the thyristor is connected in series with the main circuit and passed through the pld temperature controller. Working principle, after the electric furnace is started, the thermocouple feeds back the furnace temperature signal to the pid temperature controller, and the temperature controller compares the feedback signal with the set temperature. If it is high, the thyristor is turned off, and if it is low, the thyristor is turned on. Do you have a good grasp of the operation method of the self-made quenching furnace? In the whole production process, all friends need to be very careful and cautious. In short, I hope you can successfully make a quenching furnace.
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