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What is the performance of electromagnetic induction heaters What is the price of electromagnetic induction heaters

by:Kehua     2022-07-17
In daily life, many people have never heard of electromagnetic induction heaters, and do not know what they are used for. In fact, in our daily necessities, some electromagnetic induction heaters are used, such as electric irons. So, do you know what the performance of electromagnetic induction heaters is? What is the price of electromagnetic induction heaters? Let's take a look. What is the price of an electromagnetic induction heater? What is an electromagnetic induction heater? Electromagnetic induction heater (Electromagnetic induction heater): A heating controller based on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. Electromagnetic induction heating originates from the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction discovered by Faraday, that is, the alternating magnetic field generates an induced current in the conductor, which causes the conductor to heat up. Since the discovery of the heating effect of electric current passing through a wire, there have been many inventors in the world engaged in research and manufacture of electric heaters. In 1890, Swedish technicians invented the first induction Induction melting furnace, a slotted core furnace; in 1893, the prototype of an electric iron appeared in the United States; in 1909, the emergence of an electric stove realized the process of converting electrical energy into heat energy; In 1916, the Americans invented the closed-groove cored furnace, and the electromagnetic induction technology gradually entered the practical stage. Heating principle of electromagnetic induction heater The principle of electromagnetic induction heating is that the alternating current generated by the induction heating power supply generates an alternating magnetic field through the inductor (ie the coil), and the magnetic conductive object is placed in it to cut the alternating magnetic field lines, thereby generating alternating magnetic lines inside the object. The variable current (ie eddy current), the eddy current makes the atoms inside the object move at high speed and irregularly, and the atoms collide and rub against each other to generate heat energy, which has the effect of heating the object. It is a heating method that converts electrical energy into magnetic energy, so that the heated steel body induces magnetic energy to generate heat. In this way, it fundamentally solves the problem of inefficiency of resistive heating by means of heat conduction such as electric heating sheets and electric heating coils. If you want to buy electromagnetic induction heaters or learn more about electromagnetic induction heaters, you can visit Kehua. Electricity-saving principle of electromagnetic induction heater The traditional heating industry generally adopts the resistance wire and quartz heating method, and this traditional heating method has a relatively low thermal efficiency. The heat is then transferred to the barrel to heat the item. The maximum heat utilization rate of this heating effect is only about 50%, and the other 50% of the heat is dissipated into the air. All traditional resistance wire heating The power loss of the method is as high as 50% or more. And through electromagnetic induction heating, a magnetic field is generated by an electric current, which makes the iron metal pipes generate heat by themselves, coupled with heat insulation materials to prevent the heat dissipation of the pipes, the heat utilization rate is as high as 95%, and the theoretical power saving effect can reach 50%. % or more, but considering that the energy conversion efficiency of electromagnetic induction heating controllers of different qualities is not the same, as well as different production equipment and environments, the energy saving effect of all electromagnetic heating can generally reach at least 30%, and the highest can reach 70% . What is the price of electromagnetic induction heater Technical performance of electromagnetic induction heater Mode (1) Temperature control mode. (2) Time control mode. 3. Advantages It has the function of soft start, which reduces the impact on the device during startup and prolongs the service life; when the power is off, the soft stop method is adopted to realize the function of automatically removing the residual magnetism of the workpiece. Precautions for electromagnetic induction heaters 1. It can only be used under 380V voltage. 2. It is strictly forbidden to start the heating device with no load. 3. The product needs regular maintenance. 4. Items susceptible to magnetic fields should be kept away. For example, cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids, magnetic tapes, magnetic cards and other items, the safe distance is 2 meters. How much is the price of the electromagnetic induction heater? It depends on the power of the electromagnetic induction heater. For example, the price of the electromagnetic induction heater of 60KW/80KW is generally around 300 yuan. Yes, you can go to Kehua to have a look. You can see the mainstream electromagnetic induction heater quotations on the market in Kehua. How much is the price of electromagnetic induction heaters? In the above, the editor gave you a brief introduction. Like other products, different brands, different performances, and product prices are also different, and the main thing is to choose according to your actual needs. Therefore, the editor recommends going directly to the seller to see, such as Kehua for consultation.
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