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What is the power of the high frequency heater? What are the advantages

by:Kehua     2022-07-23
Speaking of high-frequency heating machines, I believe many of my friends have heard of them, but they do not understand them. So, what are high-frequency heating machines and what are their unique advantages? What is the power of high-frequency heating machines? With these questions, Kehua website small Let me introduce it to you. High-frequency heating machine power What is a high-frequency heating machine? Also known as high-frequency machine, high-frequency induction heating equipment, high-frequency induction heating device, high-frequency heating power supply, high-frequency power supply, high-frequency electric furnace. High-frequency welding machine, high-frequency induction heating machine, high-frequency induction heater (welder), etc., in addition to medium frequency induction heating equipment, ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment, etc. Wide range of applications such as metal heat treatment brazing melting. What are the unique advantages: 1. Fast heating speed; 2. Uniform heating hardness layer; 3. Can automatically control the heating area; 4. Save labor; 5. Use DSP/ARM digital chip for all-round digital precision control; , Simultaneous heating, subsection continuous heating, subsection simultaneous heating and other heating curve programming to achieve fully automated production; 7. Using Japanese frequency conversion control technology, the heating time can be accurately controlled to 0.1 seconds; 8. Comprehensive control of processing status, real-time display of work Current, processing time, processing frequency and other parameters; 9. Rich interfaces, which can be directly incorporated into industrial buses such as RS485, Profibus, CANbus; 10. Remote online monitoring of equipment status through PC software; 11 , Equipped with an industrial-grade memory card, which can store real-time heating information (current, time, alarm) in the card. Through the 'status query softwareWhat is the power of the high-frequency heating machine? The output power of the high-frequency heating machine is 200W~300W, and the effective diameter of the sensor is about 100mm. It is mainly used for the heating of small-capacity liquids, food, and canned drinks. Widely used in retail stores. Well, the above is all about the power of the high-frequency heating machine. If you have any comments, please leave us a message. Thank you for your reading and support. Interested friends can also pay attention to the Kehua website.
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