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What is the price of a small heat treatment furnace? Affected by what?

by:Kehua     2022-08-01
With the rapid development of today's society, small heat treatment furnaces are indispensable for the metal smelting industry. So do you know how much the small heat treatment furnace is? What is the impact? This article will introduce you to the small heat treatment furnace in detail, come and see it together. Small heat treatment furnace price Heat treatment furnace Heat treatment furnace refers to the electric furnace or fuel furnace for heat treatment of charge. Commonly used heat treatment furnaces include box-type resistance furnaces, pit-type resistance furnaces, gas carburizing furnaces and salt bath furnaces. Usually a continuous furnace is used, and workpieces are continuously loaded from the charging door, passed through the furnace, and continuously discharged from the discharge door. The commonly used method of conveying in the furnace is to load the workpiece on the heat-resistant steel guide rail and move it with a step-by-step moving beam or push rod. In recent years, heat-resistant steel conveyor belts have gradually been used to transport materials. In this way, the heat treatment operation is more rationalized, which greatly increases the possibility of automation and unmanned management of the heat treatment process. How much is the heat treatment furnace? How much is the heat treatment furnace? I believe this is the concern of many manufacturers who want to buy metal heat treatment equipment. The price of the heat treatment furnace is affected by many factors, and the price of the equipment cannot be positioned uniformly. The market quotations for heat treatment equipment range from tens of thousands to millions, and the price of specific equipment needs to be priced according to factors such as equipment matching, production efficiency, and workpiece size. Is the price of heat treatment furnace expensive? As mentioned above, there are many kinds of metal heat treatment equipment. Different types of heat treatment furnaces have different models and functions, so the investment cost and quotation standards of the equipment are different. In addition, the factors that affect the price are also Including brands, manufacturers' sales methods, regions, economic fluctuations, etc., the specific details are as follows. What are the influencing factors for the price of small heat treatment furnaces? 1. Brand: For metal heat treatment manufacturers of different brands, from the perspective of material selection, configuration and function, the investment cost of equipment varies, and the price of equipment varies. 2. Sales methods: Different manufacturers have different sales methods. There are many domestic manufacturers of heat treatment equipment, such as adopting the mode of small profits but quick turnover or single-unit high-profit sales, which are the main factors that determine the investment cost of equipment. 3. Regions: Different regions have different levels of consumption, so the cost of consumption varies, and equipment quotations will naturally have different changes. The above is a detailed introduction to the price of small heat treatment furnaces. Did you understand the price after reading it? Are you excited? Here I recommend a more affordable option, Kehua. Kehua is a rare and good choice for its high quality and low price.
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