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What is the price of a small intermediate frequency melting furnace? What are the advantages? -Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-08-01
It is essential for the melting furnace in the smelting industry, and the intermediate frequency melting furnace is very important. The intermediate frequency melting furnace has the advantages of simple operation and low energy consumption, which is very cost-effective. So for the intermediate frequency melting furnace, do you know the price of the small intermediate frequency melting furnace? What are the advantages? This article will introduce you in detail. The price of small intermediate frequency melting furnace The intermediate frequency melting furnace often adopts the following four configuration methods: The four configuration schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages, and usually need to be based on the casting process requirements of the equipment demander, on-site power conditions, production goals and development scale. Finally, the specific configuration method is selected to meet the efficiency, safety and stability of the user's equipment, and at the same time, it is convenient to flexibly adjust the process or expand the scale. Price of Small Medium Frequency Melting Furnace Go to Kehua's website to find out what you are melting and whether you need a vacuum system. If you ask more, you will know the general market situation. The premise is that everyone's equipment parameters are roughly the same. The characteristics of the intermediate frequency melting furnace are: 1. The maximum temperature can reach 2600 degrees, and the fastest 2-minute furnace can melt platinum, palladium, gold, k gold; It is more practical and flexible; 3. When the machine changes the existing artificial oxygen melting gold, it produces strong noise and production danger, and the metal liquid splashes more and the loss is large; 4. The IGBT frequency conversion stepless adjustment can be continuously adjusted. 24-hour load work; 5. 380v three-phase national standard 5-wire power cord; 6. High-stable heating system and reliable all-round self-checking protection function, the whole equipment is more durable. The advantages of the intermediate frequency melting furnace are: The intermediate frequency furnace is easy to operate, heats up quickly, and reduces the energy consumption, which can ensure the optimal and stable melting process, and reduce the troublesome work of the furnace workers. The adoption of new technologies, new materials and new processes has made the performance and use effect of the intermediate frequency furnace more and more perfect, showing more and more vitality, and obtained significant social and economic benefits. The price of small intermediate frequency melting furnace is second. In terms of frequency conversion equipment, the original thyristor intermediate frequency device gives full play to its advantages of light weight, high efficiency, fast startup, power saving, fast melting speed, and simple manufacturing process, and adopts automatic frequency tracking system. , can automatically adjust the frequency with the load change without switching capacitors. In recent years, the intermediate frequency furnace adopts advanced IGBT variable frequency induction heating device, which has high component density, outstanding performance, better start-up, more reliable use, simple and convenient maintenance, less floor space, and more advanced manufacturing technology. Third, the furnace body and furnace lining of the intermediate frequency furnace are made of new structure and new materials. The parts near the inductor coil are isolated with high-insulation and high-strength materials, which greatly prolongs the service life of the crucible and furnace village, and makes it easier to replace the crucible. , The heating efficiency of graphite crucible and quartz crucible is much higher than that of refractory crucible, which shortens the melting time and greatly reduces heat loss. The maximum temperature of the intermediate frequency furnace is 2600 ℃, which is especially suitable for smelting platinum, gold, k gold, silver, copper, aluminum and other metals. Finally, compared with other types of smelting furnaces, the specific power of the intermediate frequency furnace is high, and the metal is heated by electromagnetic induction, so the temperature rises and melts quickly, and there is no need for frit and remaining molten metal. It is very suitable for intermittent operation and frequent changes of metal grades, with great adaptability and flexibility. The above is a detailed introduction to the price of small intermediate frequency melting furnaces. Do you understand after reading it? Here I recommend Kehua. Kehua is a good choice for its high quality and low price.
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