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What is the price of high-frequency heating machine for mobile phone screen?

by:Kehua     2022-07-30
Nowadays, electronic products are common in people's lives. Especially the mobile phone, almost everyone has it, and can't live without it. Mobile phones are indeed convenient for people's lives, so who has thought about the principle of mobile phones and how the screen of mobile phones is displayed, then let's learn about the high-frequency heating machine for mobile phone screens. High-frequency heating machine for mobile phone screen Application: Heat treatment: It can be used for surface quenching, penetration quenching and tempering of steel. Its main advantage is that it can control the heating part. Such as: heat treatment of hardware tools, heat treatment of automobile and motorcycle parts, surface heat treatment of gears and shafts (surface high frequency quenching). Induction hardening: It is a commonly used induction heating treatment method. It can enhance the mechanical strength and wear resistance of the material. Induction Tempering: Tempering makes steel more ductile and less prone to fracture. 2. Preheating before metal processing: Induction heating is widely used in forging and extrusion processes, such as preheating steel, aluminum alloys, and rare metals such as titanium and nickel. Usually the workpiece is made into a bar with a cross-sectional shape of a circle, a square or a rounded square. For steel parts, due to the fast heating speed of the induction heating process, the amount of oxide scale produced is small, so that the loss of materials is reduced to a low level. 3. Melting: Induction heating is usually used to melt high-quality steel and non-ferrous metals (such as aluminum-copper alloys). Kehua reminds you that compared with other methods, the advantages of induction heating are uniform melting, and at the same time, it can prolong the life of the crucible. 4. Curing of organic coatings: Induction heating can be used to cure organic coatings. For example, heating the metal bottom, while the metal paint is also heating, using this method can avoid coating defects. 5. Semiconductor production: Induction heating is commonly used to generate single crystal silicon and germanium. Refining and homogenizing area by area. Induction heating is also used for dopants in semiconductors and for epitaxy of semiconductor materials. 15KW high frequency heat sealing machine for tents 15KW high frequency heat sealing machine for tents 6.8 over-limit current and high agile spark control, which can effectively protect the electronic tube and mold, avoid damage to the electronic tube or damage to the mold when overcurrent and sparks are generated. 2. The high-frequency machine is in production It is necessary to clean up and clean the oscillating barrel frequently, and it is only necessary to choose an air compressor to blow it. Because the capacity of the filter capacitor is too small, the high-voltage DC power supply is actually a 100Hz pulsating DC power supply. When the high-frequency machine transmits high frequency, the modulation and tune standard is close to 100Hz, which has little adverse effect on the work of the high-frequency machine. The unequal amplitude oscillation reduces the power consumption of the tube and extends the life of the tube. 6.2 The equipment is splendid in appearance, precise in manufacturing, conforms to work degree and daily operation habits, easy to operate and daily maintenance such as wood splicing, multi-layer veneer zigzag gluing and solid wood zigzag forming heating furniture work, musical instrument work, etc., ⑥. High frequency drying machine industry is widely used in textile printing, dyeing and finishing fiber drying, paper tube drying, food drying, puffing, freezing and other purposes. ⊙ Do not use it in places with high temperature, dust, wind and rain. High-frequency welding machine price: How powerful is the high-frequency radiation generated by the high-frequency welding machine for welding steel pipes? He uses high-frequency radiation to generate instantaneous high temperature to burn the steel pipe. I know the amount of radiation from the computer: 1. Keyboard 1000V/m2, mouse 450V/m3, screen 218V/m4, host 170V/m5, Notebook 25... How powerful is the high-frequency radiation generated by the high-frequency welding machine for welded steel pipes? It uses high-frequency radiation to generate instantaneous high temperature to burn the steel pipe. I know the radiation of the computer: 1. The keyboard is 1000V/m2, the mouse is 450V/m3, the screen is 218V/m4, the host is 170V/m5, and the notebook is 2500V/m. So what is the radiation of the high-frequency welding machine? The high-frequency heating of the mobile phone screen Machines have not been scientifically certified that electromagnetic radiation is harmful to humans. Exposure to electromagnetic fields is not a new phenomenon. However, in the 20th century, increasing demand for electricity, rapidly developing new technologies and changing social patterns have created more and more sources of artificial electromagnetic fields, and the exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields in the environment has continued to increase. From the generation and transmission of electricity, household appliances, industrial equipment to telecommunications and broadcasting, at home and at work, everyone is exposed to a complex mix of weak electric and weak magnetic fields. Even in the absence of an electric field outside, Kehua tells us that there are very weak electrical currents in the body that are produced by chemical reactions that are part of normal bodily function. For example, nerves transmit signals in the form of electrical impulses; most biochemical reactions, including digestion and brain activity, are accompanied by rearrangements of charged particles. The electrical activity of the heart is also very active, and doctors can use an electrocardiogram to record it. Low-frequency electric fields can affect the human body just like other substances composed of charged particles. When an electric field acts on a conductive material, it affects the charge distribution on the surface. The electric field causes current to flow from the body to the ground. Through the above introduction, we have a basic understanding of the relevant content of the high-frequency heating machine for mobile phone screens. In this way, we will have a clearer understanding when using mobile phones in the future. If you want to know more information, please pay more attention to us.
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