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What is the principle of energy saving in melting furnace

by:Kehua     2022-07-27
The principle of the melting furnace is to dissolve the round steel or metal materials, so as to achieve the shaping effect of various casting machines. What is the energy-saving type of the melting furnace? The energy-saving melting furnace can not only save energy, but also achieve precise temperature control. Melting furnace energy saving Principles of melting furnace energy saving: 1. Improve fuel combustion rate Materials: Generally, the combustion rate of boiler fuel is only between 85-90%. Paint ZS-1061 far-infrared radiation paint on the inner wall of boiler and furnace, Zhisheng Weihua ceramic energy-saving paint , Improve the heat exchange in the furnace, increase the contact area between fuel and oxygen, fully burn the fuel, improve the energy combustion rate, release more heat, and reduce the exhaust gas temperature. 2. Improve the materials of the furnace thermal insulation system: apply ZS-1 high temperature thermal insulation coating, the thermal insulation rate can reach more than 90%, reduce the heat loss from the furnace wall, make full use of energy, and reduce losses. 3. Kehua reduces the corrosion rate of materials Materials: At high temperatures, boilers and kilns are exposed to corrosive media, and the materials are easy to oxidize, corrode, and brittle. Apply ZS-1021 high-temperature sealing paint from Dongtieying, Fengtai District, to prevent refractory high temperature The material is oxidized and crisped to improve the service life and use effect of boiler and kiln materials. 4. Extend the service life of the supporting facilities of the boiler Materials: apply Zhishengweihua ZS-1051 high temperature resistant transparent anti-oxidation coating to reduce the oxidation of the equipment parts of boilers and kilns in the air, reduce the frequency of repairing and replacing parts and equipment, and do a good job in the equipment. Maintenance and lubrication. Melting furnace energy saving Introduction to the energy saving technology of Youzao melting furnace: Kehua vacuum melting furnace. On the basis of the traditional vacuum melting furnace, an upper furnace chamber, a lower furnace chamber, a butterfly valve installed between the upper furnace chamber and the furnace cover to isolate the upper furnace chamber and the main furnace chamber, and a butterfly valve installed on the furnace bottom are added. A gate valve that can isolate the main furnace chamber and the lower furnace chamber from the lower furnace chamber. The advantage is that the mold and high-temperature components such as heaters and crucibles are isolated by the gate valve before pouring, and inert gas is introduced, so that the cooling time of the mold and the finished product is greatly shortened. It can effectively utilize the waste heat of the main furnace chamber, which can not only save about 50% of energy, but also improve the production efficiency by about 50% with repeated feeding and pouring. The vacuum melting furnace is driven by the upper shaft, the upper shaft, the feeding bin, the upper furnace chamber, the butterfly valve, the furnace cover, the crucible, the heater, the main furnace chamber, the taper plug, the furnace bottom, the gate valve, the mold, and the lower furnace chamber. , furnace frame and lower shaft, which is characterized in that: an upper furnace chamber is added on the upper part of the main furnace chamber, a butterfly valve is set between the furnace cover of the main furnace chamber and the upper furnace chamber, and a lower part of the main furnace chamber is added. A lower furnace chamber is provided with a gate valve between the furnace bottom of the main furnace chamber and the lower furnace chamber. Therefore, when casting parts or other metal parts, many people will choose energy-saving equipment for melting furnaces, which can achieve a certain output and save a lot of energy while being environmentally friendly.
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