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What is the purpose of annealing What is the method of copper annealing-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-25
In the production process of metallurgical enterprises, the annealing process is widely used. You should choose the corresponding annealing process according to the different annealing materials. The more commonly used annealing methods are complete annealing, spheroidizing annealing and stress relief annealing. Next, Kehua will introduce to you what is the purpose of annealing and what is the method of copper annealing? What is the purpose of copper annealing and annealing? (1) Reduce hardness and improve machinability. (2) Reduce residual stress, stabilize size, reduce deformation and Crack tendency; (3) Refine the grains, adjust the structure, and eliminate the defects of the structure. (4) Uniform material organization and composition, improve material properties or prepare organization for subsequent heat treatment. What is the method of copper annealing? Copper (that is, pure copper) has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, plasticity and good corrosion resistance. It has a wide range of applications in the electronics industry, instrumentation and high-voltage switch industries. In industrial production, the surface hardness and internal grain size of copper parts are more demanding. The usual annealing process is difficult to meet the requirements. The annealing treatment process is divided into water quenching (water cooling), air cooling and furnace cooling, that is, using water as a cooling medium for annealing, placing in air for natural cooling and cooling with the furnace in the furnace. The annealing of red copper adopts water cooling or furnace cooling. Both methods can be used when the annealing temperature is low. When the annealing temperature is higher than 500 degrees Celsius, it is recommended to use water cooling. The annealing temperature of copper has different properties at different temperatures. The higher the annealing temperature, the lower the hardness of red copper, and the hardness changes little when it exceeds 550 degrees Celsius. The higher the annealing temperature, the lower the strength of red copper, which is more conducive to pressure processing. After research, it is concluded that the best annealing temperature of red copper is when the holding temperature during annealing is 390 degrees Celsius. At this time, the hardness of red copper products is better, and it is conducive to pressure processing. The annealing method can choose water quenching or furnace cooling. The purpose of annealing is to reduce the hardness and increase the toughness, thereby increasing the service life of the product. There are many methods for annealing copper, and the one introduced by Kehua above is the best annealing method.
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