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What is the quenching hardness of 40cr? What is the hardness requirement of 40Cr?

by:Kehua     2022-07-21
Friends who are not very familiar with steel processing and casting can come and learn about the relevant concepts and knowledge of 40Cr shared by the editor, and answer the level of 40cr quenching hardness and hardness requirements. Let's take a look! 40cr What is the quenching hardness of 40cr? Quenching process 40Cr is quenched at 850°C, oil-cooled; tempered at 520°C, water-cooled and oil-cooled. 40CR surface quenching hardness is HRC52-60, flame quenching can reach HRC48-55. The hardness is related to the carbon content. The higher the carbon content, the higher the hardness. 40CR normal quenching hardness HRC47~50. 40CR 840~860℃ quenching with oil cooling can reach hardness HRC52~56. Induction hardening can achieve about HRC60. 40cr quenching hardness What is the hardness requirement of 40Cr? The hardness of 40Cr after quenching and tempering is between HRC32-36, that is to say between HB301-340. 40Cr—830-860℃ oil quenching—>55HRC 150℃ tempering—55HRC 200℃ tempering—53HRC 300℃ tempering Fire—51HRC 400℃ Tempering—43HRC 500℃ Tempering—34HRC 550℃ Tempering—32HRC 600℃ Tempering—28HRC 650℃ Tempering—24HRC40cr What is the quenching hardness 40Cr? 40Cr is the standard steel grade of GB in my country, and 40Cr steel is one of the most widely used steels in the machinery manufacturing industry. After quenching and tempering treatment, it has good comprehensive mechanical properties, good low temperature impact toughness and low notch sensitivity. The hardenability of steel is good, it can be hardened to Ф28~60mm when water quenched, and can be hardened to Ф15~40mm when oil quenched. In addition to quenching and tempering, this steel is also suitable for cyanidation and induction hardening. The cutting performance is good. When the hardness is 174-229HB, the relative machinability is 60%. This steel is suitable for making medium-sized plastic moulds. Kehua Induction Heating Equipment's GB standard steel number is 40Cr, the German DIN standard material number 1.17035/1.7045, the German DIN standard steel number 41Cr4/42Gr4, the British EN standard steel number 18, the British BS standard steel number 41Cr4, and the French AFNOR standard steel number 42C4 , French NF standard steel number 38Cr4/41Cr4, Italian UNI standard steel number 41Cr4, Belgium NBN standard steel number 42Cr4, Sweden SS standard steel number 2245, American AISI/SAE/ASTM standard steel number 5140, Japan JIS standard steel number SCr440 (H )/SCr440, International Organization for Standardization ISO standard steel number 41Cr4. Kehua Induction Heating Equipment This steel is quenched and tempered and used to manufacture mechanical parts that are subjected to medium load and medium speed work, such as steering knuckles, rear half shafts of automobiles, and gears, shafts, worms, spline shafts, top sleeves, etc. on machine tools. ;After quenching and tempering at medium temperature, it is used to manufacture parts that are subjected to high load, impact and medium speed work, such as gears, spindles, oil pump rotors, sliders, collars, etc.; Parts with load, low impact and wear resistance, and the solid thickness of the section is less than 25mm, such as worm, spindle, shaft, collar, etc.; after quenching and tempering and high-frequency surface quenching, it is used to manufacture high surface hardness and resistance. Abrasive parts without great impact, such as gears, sleeves, shafts, main shafts, crankshafts, spindles, pins, connecting rods, screws, nuts, intake valves, etc. In addition, this steel is suitable for the manufacture of various transmission parts for carbonitriding treatment, such as gears and shafts with large diameters and good low temperature toughness. The above is the relevant information about 40cr quenching hardness requirements shared by Xiaobian for you. If you want to heat treatment of steel, you need to understand the difference in the treatment of each steel and the required standards. I hope the above knowledge will be helpful to everyone.
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