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What is the reasonable price for high frequency quenching of pins? How to choose - Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-24
Quenching equipment is an important equipment used in the industry. The use of quenching equipment simplifies the manufacture of various components, and there are many manufacturers of quenching equipment, so what is the reasonable price for high-frequency quenching of pins? Kehua has reasonable equipment price. The pins are straightened, and a large number of pins are deformed after quenching. First of all, you can use a hardness tester to make a point every 1MM on a shaft to see the distribution of your overall hardness. If the distribution is not uniform, the second reason is relatively large. 1. You look at the machining process and the process, and where the blank is particularly likely to be stressed or concentrated to cause stress concentration, and the stress release during the heating process leads to deformation. 2. Also, when you are quenching, do you have a good grasp of the quenching temperature? If the heat is uneven during quenching or it is not quenched as a whole, it will easily lead to deformation. 3. Make a tissue inside the material and see if the tissue inside is uniform. What is the price of high-frequency quenching of the pin? What does the pin need to be checked when checking? According to the use function of the pin, which aspect is focused on; bending is the radial force on both ends during assembly and use, which causes the pin to be bent and deformed. point, this is the yield strength and maximum flexural strength. Shearing, as the name suggests, is similar to the force of scissors to cut things; two adjacent surfaces act in opposite directions to each other, causing the deformation of the object. This force and deformation are not as large as bending, and the process is not as long as bending, reaching the maximum force. , it will be cut off immediately. Can cyanidation on the surface of the pin relieve stress? A heat treatment method for the hinge pin of a hydraulic support. First, the pin is quenched and tempered to obtain tempered sorbite; then the pin is surface quenched, and the surface quenching temperature is Ac3 above 80-150 ℃, quenching to obtain fine cryptocrystalline martensite. The parts not only have a certain hardness on the surface, wear resistance and fatigue resistance, but also have sufficient strength and toughness in the core. What is the price for high-frequency quenching of pins? What is the reasonable price for high-frequency quenching of pins? Kehua is a professional manufacturer of quenching equipment. The company has high-quality equipment and excellent prices. At the same time, the company has detailed quotations for various types of equipment. Welcome new and old customers. to consult.
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